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    Re: New background noise?

    Personally, I've been hoping that the thunder during rainstorms would come back eventually. It used to cause the sound to crash, but it was still pretty cool.
  2. Re: Festival Consumable deeds: LOTRO, you are awesome!

    they could always make them invisible, so you don't know how many you need unless you keep track of it yourself.
  3. Re: A very Off-Topic Thread: Anyone here watch and love Doctor Who


    personally I'm still hoping a certain companion sporting a leather jacket, a long topknot, and hairspray cans filled with...
  4. Re: Stat Pipes, Pipe crafting & Stat boosting Pipe-weed

    the fictional day after they decide to implement this sort of thing, the newspapers would look kind of like this "Game Company Tells Kids: Tobacco is Good For You!!!!!" seriously, its not going to...
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