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    Eu também cá estou, desde o início. :) De...

    Eu também cá estou, desde o início. :)
    De momento jogo sozinha, não pertenço a nenhuma kin.

    Mains: Luriwen & Luriwyn
  2. So, 3 days have gone by and still no TP in my...

    So, 3 days have gone by and still no TP in my account... *sigh*

    Today I received an email from Moneybookers saying:

    "Please note that the respective merchant is a payment mediator that ...
  3. I think I read somewhere on their website that...

    I think I read somewhere on their website that paying via iDeal the transaction would be instant but I will wait until tomorrow evening.

    Many thanks for your advice! :)
  4. Problem buying Turbine Points from LOTRO Store using Moneybookers


    Yesterday I decided to buy some TP from the Lotro Store and since my credit card expired end of November, I went for another payment method. I selected the bundle of Points, chose...
  5. Re: Your character slots -- how many do you have?

    I have 9 slots, all free with expansions and adventurer's pack.

    9 slots for 9 chars (one of each class), 6 of them I play actively and the remaining 3 I use just for storage.
  6. Re: What Character do you like playing the most

    Definitely my favourite is my main Lore-master, she never lets me down.

    But I also love my Rune-keeper.
  7. Re: Scheduled Maintenance: ### it's always on holidays ?

    Today is a national holiday in Portugal too. Besides that, it's my first day of holidays as I have 2 weeks off work starting today. I woke up early, in a good mood, thinking I would sit at my desk...
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    Re: LoTRO Housing

    I own a house since they were introduced to the game, way before the shared vault storage and it's still pretty handy. I couldn't imagine myself homeless now.

    It's always an advantage to have...
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    Re: Character info in mylotro

    It's a good thing I read this topic. I had no idea what was going on and thought the problem was with my account solely. I couldn't understand why none of my characters (in Snowbourn) show up, except...
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    Re: What will be your first class?

    I have four level 65's but the first one will probably be my main, LM. Or RK. Still have mixed feelings about these two...

    This should be the sequence:

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    Sticky: Re: Looking for a Kinship? Post here.

    RL Name:


    Character Names:

    Luriwen, 65 Lore-master
    Luriwyn, 65 Runekeeper
    Lurieth, 65 Hunter
    Luriel, 65 Guardian
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