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  1. Re: [People of the Shire] ~ Sharing Pies Since 2009 ~

    Hi People of the Shire! My name is Bappia (at least my character is) and I'd like to join the kinship.

    I love RPing, and right now I'm RPing out my Hobbit Hunter as a Bounder in the Shire.

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    Re: [EVENT] Green Dragon Friday

    This does seem like a lot of fun! I need to find my way to the event and I should be there. I'm new-ish to the game.
  3. A Brief Background (Suggestions and Advice Wanted)

    Sarvelwen of Mirkwood is a young Elf from the lands of King Thranduil. She did not take up the bow and arrow and the ways of the woods like her kin did, but instead spent hours in scholarly study....
  4. Re: [EVENT] Hûd in Eledhrim (Hall of Fire Wednesday) Elf themed event

    This looks like a lot of fun! I have a new character, I've been trying quite a few different combinations between classes and races until I found one that works for me well. I would love to go to the...
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    Re: Questions About Roleplay

    Thanks for the link Dolnor!

    I just wrote up a background for my character and I really like it. Can I post it here or is there a place on the actual game where it can be displayed?
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    Questions About Roleplay

    Hi everyone. I've been trying out different classes/races seeing which ones I like the best the last few days and I believe I have at last got the combination I want.

    However, before I get too...
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    Hello Landrovalites!

    New player here. Loving the game so far. I've tried a couple of different characters, races, and class before sticking with Human and Champion.

    Just wanted to say hi while I take a break from...
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