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  1. A Thank You Letter: To the Devs, and everyone else.

    I just wanted to take this moment to thank the Dev's and everyone else for helping create the Bond me and my uncle share. I seriously just noticed this, I mean It seemed like we had always been...
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    Sins Of Saints - Is now Recruiting! (SoS)

    SoS (Sins of Saints) is a nice friendly active kinship rank 4 (almost 5) kinship that continues to grow and inspire!

    As SoS grows we hope you grow with us! Our kin is nice and active and is all...
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    Re: How do you feel about new burg update?

    The new update is AWESOME 3+ in the moors new stances to make us hit harder! there un seperating evade and knives out whats not to love?..... although we did need that in com power boost... but thats...
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    Re: Fix Burglar skills not requiring a weapon

    I completely agree (I thought addle was a sword but hey i never looked)
  5. Feeliin like a complete noob but not carring.....

    im just starting to get into the lotro foruming hobbie..... ect ect..... anyones i notice alot of people have coded in on what looks likethere signature a picture of there class name ect.... where...
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    Re: Burg Gear Comparison Sheet

    Hely and the new set look to be the best here... but new set seems to conqueor over helly set..... what is the NEW sets exact name and where do you get it?
  7. Easier said then done......(Lotro update promises)

    Lotro has been coming out with alot of update stuff there saying there going to do..... for example: The burglar update soon to come and all the other toon updates, The new Ettenmoor update, the Rad...
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    Sticky: Re: Feedback: New Player Tips for Burglars

    Burglars are not champions, tanks,wardens, no class is the same and it is extreamly not recommanded to play ANY class like another class. You play your class and thats what people want. People want a...
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    Re: The Best Burgler or Main Burgler cloaks

    I think im going to go for randirchol...

    is it only avaible at DN or can i get it on th AH?

    Infact can any of these be bought on the AH?
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    Re: Burglar- is it supposed to be this much fun??

    Yes Burgs are EPICLY AWESOME! i am so happy i choosed this class as my main because it is epic.
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    The Best Burgler or Main Burgler cloaks

    Sup Im a 65 burg Jareknave. I got to 65 about 3 months ago. im trying to get the best or close to it gear for my character.

    I want to find a burglers cloak, that has Stealth level and pretty good...
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