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  1. Retaking of Cair Andros Instance?? How to complete??

    This is another one of those instances where you have to protect the main character.

    Problem is, Duinhir aggros every mob in sight and has not an ounce of sense when it comes to getting out of the...
  2. I am experiencing this same event as well, with...

    I am experiencing this same event as well, with my main character only. I CAN login to the account with any of my alts

    I have tried the FAQ suggestion (recycle modem, reboot, and...
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    Thanks. Yes, I did actually find her a couple...

    Thanks. Yes, I did actually find her a couple minutes after I posted.
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    Where is Galadriel?

    Just after hitting level 75, I received the following mail

    From: Galadriel

    Subject: A Need in Rohan

    I have need of you, my adventuring friend, in Caras Galadhon. Come to me outside the House...
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    One of my toons just "won" a lottery. A type of "food" I'm not familiar with -- Barrow-Bree

    Is this a joke?

    You consume this food and it kills you???

    What is the point? What am I missing...
  6. Thanks very much everybody for all the great...

    Thanks very much everybody for all the great advice!
  7. How to get a new Skirmish Soldier up to speed?

    So, If you wait until late in your leveling to join Skirmishes, you get a soldier that is Way Too Low.

    And then if you go into skirmishes with this soldier, he is pretty much next to useless at...
  8. Epic Quests, Volume III . . . . breaking in?

    There are some places within the epic quest lines, in various volumes & books, where you can "break in" and pick up a quest line, even if you have not completed previous books in the volume.

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    Compendium of Middle earth

    I have a lower-level alt (65), who has acquired a Compendium of Middle Earth II.

    He is not a crafter (he is a prospector) and not a member of a Crafting Guild.

    Where does he go to barter this...
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