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    Dear friend, This campaign continues...

    Dear friend,

    This campaign continues perpetually in spirit though actual events are on hold for the time being. The campaign organizers were met with IRL challenges (nothing overly serious) that...
  2. Is an 11 out of 10 stars possible?

    Well done, my friend. Well done, indeed. The depth of this guide is unfathomable: the use of the word "complete" is understated! Honored to have you on Laurelin and look forward to your additions...
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    To those of you who joined us in last week's...

    To those of you who joined us in last week's journey: please note that we decided to advance chapter content each 2-3 weeks instead of weekly. This is to provide more opportunities for people to...
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    Definitely agree there, Murgen. I'm not overly...

    Definitely agree there, Murgen. I'm not overly concerned.
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    My Thoughts

    They referenced moving European servers to Amsterdam; with that in mind, I believe that there is almost no chance that Laurelin gets the axe. Again, all of this in speculation. I think that...
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    [EVENT] North Downs Campaign

    Northern Garrison sentries have reported increasing enemy activity on the eastern border of the North Downs in recent months. The Garrison intends to address this growing threat in the coming months,...
  7. [EVENT] Grenrill Merchants Host Bree Auction (Sunday, May 10, 3 PM)

    Merchants of Grenrill, under the leadership of Brundela, host their first public auction since the inception of the community's trading guild last month. This week's auction will take place on...
  8. Today's auction will include the following items....

    Today's auction will include the following items. Opening bids listed by each item; please note that some opening bids have been lowered.

    • Gondor Low-back Chair (200 silver)
    • Elf Hedge...
  9. [EVENT] Auction & Fashion Competition: April 18-19

    The Northern Garrison has returned home to Grenrill after a weekend of celebration in Buckland.

    This second week of events will include the official launch of the long-awaited Grenrill Trading...
  10. [EVENT] Kinship Anniversary Celebration 4/11-5/2

    Greetings, Fair People of Laurelin!

    The Northern Garrison will be celebrating its one-year anniversary with four weeks of festivities. We wouldn't be where we are today without the welcoming...
  11. RP "Tavern Hour" event at Comb & Wattle - Saturday, 2/28, 3 PM /servertime

    Sentries of the Northern Garrison are in town for regular training exercises on Saturday. It is expected that several sentries and their kin from the Village of Grenrill will be making a quick stop...
  12. Family-friendly Kinship "The Northern Garrison" Welcoming New Members


    The Northern Garrison was founded in the Year 2913 of the Third Age following the aftermath of the Fell Winter. Though the Realm of Angmar was defeated nearly one thousand years prior,...
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    Special Server

    Dear friend,

    This is a very special server that allows for opportunities to immerse one's self in his or her character. Erennor is a tremendous spokesperson for Laurelin, with whom I have had...
  14. Journey to the Westemnet in a 3-day Server-wide Epic Event!

    Join the Tenth Eored as it begins its return journey home to Hornburg!

    Raids, non-Raid Offensives, Globe-trots and Socials are included as part of this 3-day sequential, story-driven journey,...
  15. Wonderful, Competitive Sunday

    Thanks to all who participated in Sunday's Horse Races and Lore Knowledge Competitions! Special thanks to The Fellowship of Middle Earth kinship for providing an unexpected musical performance - it...
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    Thank you for considering Haysward!

    Greetings, Olgomil,

    Thanks for the post, and thank-you for considering Haysward as your kinship of choice. One of the things that we believe strongly in is a social community and a crafting...
  17. Server-wide Tournament in Haysward! RP-inspired, Story-driven Epic 10/19-27

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

    In the coming week, the Town of Haysward will host its first ever tournament for Middle-earth’s finest warriors and scholars alike! The opening ceremony is scheduled for...
  18. RRPA to host 9-day RP-based Epic on Riddermark Server

    The Riddermark Role-playing Alliance welcomes members of the server to participate in a 9-day Epic "Quest for the Lost Garrison." A variety of activities will be offered, including RP/IC & OOC...
  19. Riddermark Role-playing Alliance (4 Kinships and Plans to Grow)

    Well met, fellow gamer!

    The Riddermark Role-playing Alliance is a close-knit fellowship of Light/Medium Roleplaying kinships. We currently have four kinships in our fellowship but are open to...
  20. RP-friendly Kinship, The Fellowship of Middle Earth, Welcoming Applicants

    Looking for an RP-structured kinship with a friendly, OOC kinchat? THE FELLOWSHIP OF MIDDLE EARTH has actively built its vibrant community for over two years. Varying degrees of RP welcomed &...
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