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  1. Software does not start after log on credentials are entered

    After a long absence from LOTRO, I've returned but I'm unable to log into the game. The log in screen accepts my user and password, and shows the list of servers that are available, but once I...
  2. Re: Oldest Elf only Kin the Tirn en Taur is recruiting

    The uniform is only worn by full members at Company Gatherings (where our recruits are offered membership status), while attending military themed RP events, and while adventuring with other members...
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    Sticky: Re: Feedback: New Player Tips for Hunters

    Learn to use Triple Traps! They're wonderful for managing group pulls, and can mean easy control and take-downs of higher level mobs (ie: pull the mob into the first trap, step away, hit hard to...
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    Re: Free Minstrel to Good Home

    Look for one of the blue uniforms of the Tirn en Taur, one of the oldest all Elf kinships on the server. Great people, and players from all time zones around the world, so you're seldom alone...
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    Re: Looking for Elven RP or RP kin

    I have to agree with the two posts above. Tirn en Taur would be my recommendation as well.
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