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    Re: LOTRO Stat Checker

    I love it! Very useful, thank you :D
  2. Re: The Premium Barter Wallet : How much space did you save?

    Marks, medallions, seals, and shards are now shareable across characters, even if they weren't taking up space in inventory!
  3. Re: The Premium Barter Wallet : How much space did you save?

    So much space.

    Seriously, I have no complaints at all about the price -- it's more than worth it! Especially with being able to share all its contents across all characters.
  4. Re: Preview of new Yule Festival cosmetics & mount

    Oh wow I love that horse and the first cloak!
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    Sticky: Re: Show us your favorite cosmetic outfit

    Since you're a champ you can use the Berserker's Gauntlets (here's a pic of them dyed black) -- they have silver and gold trim, not just gold, but it's better than just silver! :)
  6. Re: Is this game worth playing? Loaded Question. Appriciate Feedback :)

    You said you like Hobbits and want a somewhat unique class mechanic. I'd suggest a Hobbit warden -- while it is one of the classes that came with Moria so you'd have to pay some Turbine points for...
  7. Re: Returning Player, Existing Characters Lost All Their Levels

    You should probably contact customer support, but here are a few things to check out while you're waiting for a response:

    1. Are you checking for your characters on the right subscription? You can...
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    Re: Kindred Thorin's Hall

    It's really easy on a 65 -- I spent about an hour and a half killing the regular dwarves in Sarnur to get enough rep items to go from the middle of friend to kindred. If you're lower level, it'll...
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    Re: Yay new rep mounts....

    I just bought all of them -- bringing my mount collection up to 31! The Mathom horse is my new favorite.
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    Re: Guild emblems?

    I would love *something* like this -- even a banner to hang in a kin house/a yard decoration for all the members to put up at their own houses would be very welcome. But I don't know if it's worth...
  11. Re: Disgruntled employee wipes all servers, allows one character slot per account...

    Answering this in the hypothetical "if you had to start over" way...I would reroll my main. He's by far the most important character to me and I haven't found a class I like better than Champion! I...
  12. Re: How many 2A 65 legendry weapons did you get crafted before getting the perfect on

    I'm on my third terrible one, I'm still using a third age. Not really likely to make another 2nd age anytime soon.

    But I guess I'm due for it. Back when 60 first ages originally came out I got a...
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    Re: Skirmish Marks - Quickest way to get them

    It's been a bit since I was grinding SMs, but Strike Against Dannenglor is probably still the best bet -- I get almost 800 SMs/hour in there without trying particularly hard. It's easy as a champion...
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    Re: Sound Effects You Just Can't Stand

    Cave claw screeching drives me crazy.
  15. Re: Full Mirkwood Realm - future expansion thanks to the Hobbit?

    I'm hoping for this very much, too, and that we don't just beeline along the path of the Fellowship. (Although I want to see Gondor as much as the next person, not at the expense of all the other...
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    Re: Voiced Dungeons - Are There Many?

    There are a good number of instances that have some sort of scripted "story" going on, although not very many have scripted voiceovers (beyond the "No power is stronger than Barz!" and "Would you...
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    Sticky: Re: Show us your favorite cosmetic outfit

    Awesome outfit!! The helm just makes it. If you're looking for new shoulders, I think that the ones you have now are great -- the dwarf shoulder model, right? But some of them dye a lot better than...
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    Re: What zones do you skip entirely?

    I usually skip Forochel and most of the Misties except Goblin-town. I used to skip the Lone-lands but the revamp made the content pleasurable enough for me to tolerate questing there.

    I tend to...
  19. Re: Give me your stats for the Aged Deed drop (for the skeleton horse)!

    I've been checking on five characters since the festival began, almost every day (I've missed a few here and there). Gonna say 50 attempts total, and I've gotten two horses. The winners were a 65...
  20. Re: Any particular class shortage of anything out there?

    Burglars always do seem to be a bit rare.

    But I do notice that when new content comes out, there is usually a healer and support class shortage; when things have been out for a while, the opposite...
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    Re: skeleton horse

    The pony's name is Rattleboney? Haha, that's adorable.
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    Re: Haunted Cellar A++++

    I love it! I'm having so much fun in there. It only took doing two or three of the quests before getting a good idea of the layout.

    Definitely a good idea to pick a non-timed quest first though --...
  23. Re: Character Development... He doesn't understand. Explain as you would a child.

    Here are the ways I can think of for developing your character (fortunately, none of them is really something you can "screw up;" the worst that could happen is spending some time grinding out a...
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    Re: Absolutely Astounding

    The reason they're probably so expensive on the AH is that you must have a level 65 character to even start Volume 3. And if people are willing to pay for it, I guess it's not technically...
  25. Re: Reforging your LI weapon at level 70 when all legacies are tier 6: what happens?

    It used to be that if you had all t6 legacies, a reforge that would normally give you an upgrade would give you the choice of two new legacies. However, since there are scrolls of empowerment now, if...
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