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    Transfer to Estel server.

    Hi all,

    A quick message to inform you that an Evernight player transferred his lore-master 75 to our Estel server. Don’t know if naming is allowed on that forum, but easy to find thru...
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    Remote looting + open tapping ftw (GW2 influence...

    Remote looting + open tapping ftw (GW2 influence ?)

    Concerning new instances cluster…it is cool to do once. I mean absolutely no surprise with these instances.
    Barad Guldur…has now become a walk...
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    Hi all I have also this issue since last...

    Hi all

    I have also this issue since last server maintenance on Estel.
    Could please someone in Turbine staff have a quick check on what could happen ?
    I agree it is not show-stopping issue but to...
  4. Re : An open letter to the Dev`s regarding German/French localization and support.

    Ok, 3-4 pages now of (justified) complaints and so far, absolutely no answer…of course…
    Turbine, you ‘re so predictable…cannot say I am disappointed. I’m just sad for all the German/French people...
  5. Thread: BA=BS

    by Thrandorin

    Re: BA=BS

    Hi everyone, sorry in advance for my newbish question :
    Is revenge usable in move ?
    I ask this question ‘cause I just cannot whereas other BA’s swear they can.
    So before I report any bug, I would...
  6. Re: Dégradation d'Estel & laxisme de Turbine : pétition

    Comme le dit fort justement Ingor, peu de chance pour que cette pétition aboutisse à quelque chose de concret. Néanmoins, je la signe quand même car force est de constater que ces dernières semaines,...
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