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    I'm on Landroval as well and also have Mistletoe....

    I'm on Landroval as well and also have Mistletoe. I've had it for years and don't recall where I got it. Possibly from a lottery, but don't quote me. ;)

    Anyway, here's a screenshot:
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    Re: Time's up! Nuke "forced emotes"

    First, yes I've read the entire thread (plus all the others concerning this issue).

    Now... for those who claim only a minority want an opt-out or have problems with forced-emotes based solely on...
  3. Re: Stangard map and disarms (two separate complaints, bundled for your convenience)

    What I found funny about the disarms is they CHEAT, like computer card games... ::laughs::

    Example: I was killing Orcs in Thinglad. Just about every Orc would disarm me as their first or second...
  4. Re: Who are the weirdest people you've encountered in Middle Earth?

    Just considering that... she was probably working on a skill deed, where you have to attack a mob with a certain skill a certain number of times. Since they can't be grey or they don't count, that's...
  5. Re: 'Invasion of Bree' - The Controversy. Your opinions and Input.

    I think the point some are trying to make (and I might be wrong, but this is how I've always seen it) is that if this event IS a "private event between members who are willing to participate", why do...
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    Re: Ambient Lighting....fixed anytime soon? Or...

    Thank you for the reply.

    Unfortunately, it didn't change anything ingame.

    I changed the line: AmbientLightBoost=6.00 from 0.00 (which it was when I opened the file). I didn't see any other...
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    Ambient Lighting....fixed anytime soon? Or...

    ....is there some setting I can use to replicate the same effect?

    I've tried adjusting 'brightness' and 'contrast' and neither really help much. One makes the entire world look like there's a...
  8. "A Sunset Storm" quest questions.. *SPOILERS*...

    In this quest, you're able to summon 3 Oathbreakers at the start of it. They stay with you until you reach a certain point where several Bluecaste Sorcerers decide to help you, instead.

    Now, my...
  9. Re: Please make bound housing items bind on account

    /signed as well....

    It can get annoying to try to move an item only to be told "that item does not belong to you"....when it most certainly does (just by a different alt).

    On a similar note,...
  10. Re: The Idiot Ranger Awards - Celebrating the Best (or Worst) the Dunedain have to Of

    Actually, his name means "snow wanderer"... when you combine the two Sindarin words "loth" and "randir", the double "ss" becomes "th". Thus, Loss + randir = Lothrandir.

    Just my two cents worth --...
  11. Re: Characters not found...on Lifetime/Founder account..

    Thank, Duwis! That was the problem. *sighs*

    Fixed now, though I did miss the horse lottery. But, at least I know to look more carefully... ::laughs::
  12. Characters not found...on Lifetime/Founder account..

    Okay...haven't entered lotteries in a long while, but decided to do so this time for a PAX horse. But, when I clicked on the 'lottery' button, it said none of my characters are eligible. Then when...
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    Re: Design a Horse Contest question....

    Thanks, Celestrata! And I'm /trying/!! *rushes to finish*... ;)

    (this is 'JustChekin', too, btw) :)
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