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  1. im getting the same error on all servers that i...

    im getting the same error on all servers that i have toons on. is any of this server downtime fixing things? and why has no one from turbine replied to this thread?
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    Sticky: Re: The Faces of Windfola!

    Here is me intoxicated at a christmas party
    troll away
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    Re: Who is this?

    I remember when his guard a lvl 31 had a warg literally running from him typing "kill the 31 some please" why not bring a low level up there, make it an even fight with most of the creeps skill...
  4. Re: Why I will never buy a mount off the Turbine Store

    LoL, im sitting here reading these posts and laughing

    If you don't like what they are doing with the store horses, DON'T BUY THEM! You do realize that turbine may have created an awesome game...
  5. Re: please help save us turbine! our windfola is failing us!

    since the "rise of the freever" it has become nothing more than a zerg-fest. I've played both sides, if the creeps got the numbers they are waiting at gv, freeps..they are rez camping, never any good...
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    Re: Guide for PUG [Tower of Orthanc]

    We made it to wave 4 but the lightning guy was pretty violent. Just another note is during 3rd phase and beyond be sure if you are tanking lightning to aim his bad at a tower then a lil to the left...
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    Re: The Godlike Crown

    Just a heads-up, your site appears to have been hacked, it goes to some other site, might want to check your sql for an injection ;)
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    Re: Best/Easiest Solo Class

    Well i have leveled a Guardian and a Hunter so far. Hunter has the dps, but is weak. When it comes to mellee your armour is just not gonna save you.
    Now guardian...you can stomp mobs
    at level 48...
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