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  1. Would be super cool to have at least a area in...

    Would be super cool to have at least a area in the creep side like at grams , same for freeps where we can vote in people to be put into like a hall of fame. But only if devs seek fit to add them...
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    New additions to the Moors

    1. Why not let defilers and reavers ,( just a thought now ) the only two classes to be able to make legendary armor . Like spiders would get a carapace, wargs body armor, and rest reg armor outfits...
  3. Congradulations to all you Rank farmers

    Congrads to you all , you know who you are and so do we. What a lame way to enjoy the game by ranking up your alts with out the actually pvping or pve stuff. Soooo Saddddd.
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    is this an exploit???

    I dont see too many freeps doing this , only few and seems like everytime they are loosing in a skirmish with some creeps, they jump onto some rocks and rain arrows down onto em lol. I know some...
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    Yeah usually only last half hour if that... but...

    Yeah usually only last half hour if that... but been doin this for last 2 hours or lil less .
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    Re: Rebuilding Savage Fangs

    Ive got a R4 warg i could join up with ya Lugs. Being that i work night shift though at times i may be afk , but dont mind the dying when im not at keyboard. WyldChyld is my warg. I have been in...
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