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  1. Well, yes: you take away what little gives them...

    Well, yes: you take away what little gives them shape, probably also their weapons and tools, and their only mode of reasonable transportation (who also see for them to a degree, as Aragorn implied)....
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    The Dead Men of Dunharrow

    So, I've read the books several times, and for whatever reason I've never really understood how the Dead worked. Could they physically harm enemies, or was it more the fear of them and utter...
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    On the one hand, I like to movies for (some) of...

    On the one hand, I like to movies for (some) of the visual representations that they give, the musical score they have, and for nailing some of the actors perfectly (Ian McKellan and Christopher Lee,...
  4. Nah, that's an interesting question. I just...

    Nah, that's an interesting question. I just finished the Silmarillion again, and Tolkien implies that Sauron attempted to repent (albeit out of fear of the Valar). It was also to my understanding...
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    Re: Map of Mordor


    Bah, you copycat!

    (kidding of course)

    Very good stuff, I really like the coloring you've got so far (I'm rubbish with colored pencils). ...
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    Re: The undying lands

    They don't gain immortality by living there, that is explicity stated.

    And I don't think it was ever definitely stated that you age faster or die earlier being mortal in Aman, I think it was...
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    Re: lord of the ring tv

    Ehh... I dunno how I would feel about that, were it to happen.

    Although I think I'd prefer TV as a medium over the movies because you can fit so much more.
  8. Re: Who or what, do you think Tom Bombadil is?

    Yay! That quote is why I believe he is a manifestation of Arda (since avatar of Eru has been pointed out to be impossible).

    That quote never made sense to me when I was younger (read the books...
  9. Re: What are your favorite quotes in Lotr?

    Rather reminds me of the eastern Roman Empire during the Middle-Ages: fabulous tales of its wealth and power among the Slavs, the Turks, and the Arabs, but in reality it was slowly crumbling by about...
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    Re: Horse breed of Mearas?

    I agree. Especially because we have a real life analogue: when the Spanish came to America, it didn't take very long for a handful of lost horses to become herds roaming the almost the entire...
  11. Re: Who or what, do you think Tom Bombadil is?

    Evidently I need to read Letters, I never knew that before.

    So I guess for me A. is the one that makes sense.
  12. Re: Who or what, do you think Tom Bombadil is?

    The two theories that I like the most:

    A) He is a physical avatar of Arda

    B) He is an avatar of Eru on Arda

    Though I prefer theory A to theory B
  13. Re: What are your favorite quotes in Lotr?

    There are several, but the one that gets me the most is this passage from 'The Stairs of Cirith Ungol' in The Two Towers

    "Gollum looked at them. A strange expression passed over his lean, hungry...
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    Re: Cargul

    Ah, okay, I knew that car- was elvish but I didn't know -gul was also elvish. Thanks for clearing that up.
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    Re: Happy Tolkien Reading Day

    Challenge accepted :D
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    Re: The Dunedain

    I would say that the Rangers of the North were probably more than equal to the Rangers of Ithilien, considering their (assumed) longer lifespan and their much harder life -the Rangers of Ithilien...
  17. Re: Does somedody know this (or these) books?

    I have a book that is similar to what you're describing, in English. It's called The Lord of the Rings Weapons and Warfare. It's based off of the movies, and has a lot of close-ups of the props...
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    Re: Cargul

    Isn't -gul derived from the Black Speech?
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    Re: Hobbit filming finally under way

    Hmm, in hindsight I don't necessarily like how Jackson did LotR, so I'm still really unsure how I feel about the Hobbit.
  20. Re: What 10 questions would you ask Tolkien?

    I think I can answer that. Gandalf's (and the other Istari) powers were limited for a few reasons. Partly because the Valar did not want to win another war against evil with sheer force. The last...
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    Re: So Answer Me This....

    So I was gonna make a comment on the Rangers, but then I realized you wrote, "The Grey Company". That's a problem. Do they really have more than 30? Is it an obnoxious number?
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    Re: Two-word Tolkien Trivia

    Tol Eressea?
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    Re: Of Harad and Khand

    They were not very well described by Tolkien, I don't know of any canon writings dedicated to either. Intentionally a mystery, just like how Africa, Arabia, India, and China were far exotic places...
  24. Re: RotK Does Frodo robed in white mean anything that I'm missing?

    The implication is that Sam is seeing Frodo as something greater than just a hobbit, in his mind; Frodo is majestic and elf-like in nature. At least that's what I get from it :D

    As for the Ring,...
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    Re: About Frodo Baggins

    Okay, one hardship, and while terrible, I don't think that's enough to render him sad and fragile forever, especially considering he was raised by a large and caring extended family for his whole...
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