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    Re: Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable 2005

    Same problem here. It's only been 3 hours and I'm already having LOTRO withdrawl.
    Windows 7 64 bit.

    Never mind. Followed the instructions @...
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    TOS Conflict with Login Sceen

    Please move my question if I've chosen the wrong forum.

    In the TOS it states:

    "16. Username/Password. When you register, you will be required to select a unique username and password. You may...
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    Re: Starter Legendary Won't Deconstruct

    Good to know that they must be unequipped, thank you.

    However, I apologise for not being clear: I couldn't unlock them because they were not included in the list of available LIs to deconstruct....
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    Re: Starter Legendary Won't Deconstruct

    Good point. When it hit ilvl 40 it did ask to be reforged. And I did so. But TY for the suggestion.

    I've been digging through forum posts and have read remarks about the starter LIs not being...
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    Starter Legendary Won't Deconstruct

    My Rune Keeper's starter legendary rune stone is now max at level 40 of 40. I'd like to deconstruct it for parts.

    Upon visiting a Relic-Master, the stone doesn't appear on the list of items to...
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    Re: Thieves and Fools... To Moria!

    Just want to confirm that this is still a go on January 3rd. If so, do you have a ballpark time? I think I would like to stumble upon the group ICly if time permits.
  7. Re: Deleted characters still appear on my.lotro.com

    Someone seems to be havingt a reverse issue: their legitimate characters are not appearing. I'm adding their thread to this one in hopes that if someone solves one of our problems, the solution will...
  8. Re: Characters not appearing in forum account

    I've got the exact opposite: characters that should be gone are appearing in my list. Hopefully if someone solves my issue, it'll also solve yours. Finger crossed.
  9. Re: Deleted characters still appear on my.lotro.com

    Ah, I am holding the chicken quests in my quest log. I'll drop them and see if it makes a difference. That should solve the tilde one. Thank you.

    Now if only someone has a solution to be rid of...
  10. Re: Deleted characters still appear on my.lotro.com

    Thanks Penter-Kar. I'm not familiar with the term 'session play characters'. Can you define that for me?
  11. Deleted characters still appear on my.lotro.com

    I have three characters on my account that were deleted in the past. Some were removed weeks ago, others months ago. And there is also a character appearing in the list that has the same name as my...
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