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  1. Jews love Tolkien-Come Join a Jews-and-Friends of Jews rank 10 Mature Kin on Landroval!

    Aldol-Mae g'ovannen!
    I started this kinship for just myself and my good friend, as well as made room for his good friend....with no intentions of recruiting. However, recently changed the name when...
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying to your responses...

    Sorry for the delay in replying to your responses to my forum post. I very much liked the first who explained very well why the fonts could not be made bigger although I still fail to understand...
  3. Can we make LOTRO friendlier to the disabled?

    Hi I have played LOTRO for almost 5 years and there are things that I feel should be addressed for disabled players.
    Which I am. I have both visual and mobility impairment (arthritis in my hands...
  4. two stacks of sprigs of allspice for free to good home

    Anyone in gladden who would like to write me ingame (my cook is gimbel so write her please) who can benefit from two stacks of sprigs of allspice (please need them yourself or to give food to newbies...
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    For those who must post about hating game.....

    why bother, if you hate it, leave. If I don't like something I don't stick around complaining. I just leave and find what I do like. I do like this game a lot. I play it sometimes 20 hours a day....
  6. If this is the case, and its not illegal, why...

    If this is the case, and its not illegal, why bother discuss it at all. If it is not illegal it is not illegal and if a petition wont make it illegal or help, then are we not wasting our time...
  7. Glad you are happy switching your volume up and...

    Glad you are happy switching your volume up and down every time you switch characters. I am not. Also, perhaps I am not as clever as you are, and I often forget minor details like I need to turn...
  8. I have a number of accts and nowhere can I see in rules it not allowed

    I am disabled and I play this game night and day, sometimes due to poorly controlled pain symptoms I play as much as 20 hours in one day. Playing distracts me and keeps me from feeling that I have...
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    Gee whiz

    I knew in real life I was just a number--now I find out my characters are too :( Real life--stay outta my game OK!
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    very interesting

    I would love it if it worked. I have a lot of characters and I have spent a huge amount of money in LOTRO store. I love leveling new characters and my characters are from somewhat low level to L55...
  11. sorry for delay, is Gladden kinship

    Battlemages of Arthedain is Gladden kinship with kinship house in Shire. Is more for older players. I am 49 year old woman in Nursing home type residence and obviously disabled. I play a lot so...
  12. I like the music, dont want to mute it,...

    I like the music, dont want to mute it, especially since when I do I forget to turn it back on and then later realize that I have been playing without it, which for me makes the game feel less real. ...
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    I cant help I also experience issues

    Mine are not quite the same. Since update 11 my connection to game just immediately terminates randomly with no warning and no messages. I am riding out of bree and suddenly I am on my desktop and...
  14. Can we stabilize volume from game to the start game page with all characters on it

    I dont know what to call not the launcher but the starting page with all our characters on it to choose before entering middle earth. However, it is really annoying that it is way louder than the...
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    I hate session play too, and was annoyed in the rohan horse one

    I bought the highest priced rohan expansion and got a quest to go help with a horse in comb. I did it and it was a lot of stupid running around and in the end a session play where I am a horse. I...
  16. BattleMages of Arthedain (mature players kin)

    Hail and well met :)
    Battlemages of Arthedain is a new kin which is a part of three sister kins: Defenders of Arthedain, Spellswords of Arthedain, and Battlemages of Arthedain. We are only a few...
  17. it has been done before

    I played a much less sophisticated rpg (not mmp) where all chars always showed up in personal house, even the ones you were not playing (Aveyond) in it you had 8 chars but only 4 could play at any...
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    I understand--I think

    I think the question really is why are they not happening according to schedule. When I first started playing there happened to be lotteries every day. Then they started being every other day. ...
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    tried all fixes and none worked so reinstalled, that worked

    I did all those fixes and none worked, some worked but then a new problem a bit later. So finally I gave up and reinstalled the game and now it is working except I have to end the process in task...
  20. Game not shutting down right, how to resolve

    If I dont go and end process on Turbine I cant relaunch game. It continues to use high memory even hours after I shut it down and I have to end the process or I can click the launcher a thouand...
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    restricted area

    tried to go inside vault in bree homesteads, where I have my house and kinhouse and on two of my chars I was given the notice "You have entered a restricted area and if you dont leave immediately you...
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    I tried most of the fixes and none worked, so I...

    I tried most of the fixes and none worked, so I deleted my whole game and re-installed and it did work so far, I am through examine game date and 90% done with download game data with no problems as...
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    also cant download

    Mine got stuck at Examine GAme Date REtry

    An update error occurred:
    Unable to decrypt and de-serialize the date downloaded from the server

    What does that mean and what can I do,
    it will not...
  24. I agree too. I am successor or 2nd officer in a...

    I agree too. I am successor or 2nd officer in a kin and in charge of all decorating. I have a lot of alts and some of my alts acuire housing items I put into kinship house, and in order to do it I...
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    not able to log in

    just taking me in a loop, getting nowhere
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