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    Devs-read this!!

    Seriously? I'd LOVE to have my high lvl friends help me!! And they would love to help me as well!!! But DEVS, you have made it so that they cannot do this!! Cappy's can't call me there, Hunter's...
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    VERY upset!!

    Sorry to say, but you're incorrect. All 3 have content that only high lvl chars can reach. And yes, I have attempted some.

    DEVS, I am ***very*** disappointed in these scavanger quests and in...
  3. Like I said...

    Like I said... selfish ppl :/

    I was there every hour that I could be from the time I heard about it... but was still locked out quite often because of ppl with ur same, poor attitude. Especially...
  4. If only that would work...

    Ya, that would be great!! But the ppl that are logging second and third accts are only thinking of themselves. Selfish ppl :/
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    I'm looking for a date... anyone? Sapience?

    Could u plz give us an actual date Sapience? I had hoped it would start today after the scheduled downtime.

    Thank u in advance ;)
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    Getting the time right

    When I posted that, I saw that LOTRO said the time was 7:41 pm when it was 3:41 pm for me (EST). Is there a way to set the forums to my local, so that the times jive? Thank u!!
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    3:41 pm EST here, and noooo game!! What gives!? ...

    3:41 pm EST here, and noooo game!! What gives!? U ppl are soooo frustrating!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the fun Turbine!!!

    I agree, it would motivate ppl to keep trying even if they are behind. Still a base of 5 tokens per game no matter perhaps, for ppl like me that put their heart into it but really stink, plus the 1...
  9. Good Idea!!!

    I think that's a great idea masumane!!! It would also perhaps fix the problem that field 2 was having on Sun., where it would not deliver the extra 10 tokens to the winners most of the time!!! Good...
  10. Swift Travel in Forochel

    When I was in Forochel, a year ago and then again about 2 mos ago, the swift travel from the city that is to the far lft of the map, below the lake, was broken. Sorry, I don't remember the name of...
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    WAAAAAY Displeased!!!

    I am sooo displeased with the changes on the Female Human!!!! I wasn't super crazy about her in the first place, in that I always thought her bosom was out of proportion (looking more like Wonder...
  12. I ***love*** festivals!!!!

    I am a festival junkie!!! I ***LOVE*** them!!! But there are several things that bother me...

    One is that the quests don't change. Could u make up some new quests for all of them, and then...
  13. Oops, nvm

    I posted this in wrong thread, sorry.
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    Some thoughts on housing...

    I have a couple thoughts on housing...

    I *love* that u made the chests so that they can be organized by tabs :) Thank u!!

    I *hate* that u decided to make buying vault space soooo expensive...
  15. Alphabetize!!!

    If this was already talked about, I'm sorry. I just don't have the time to read 15 pages of ideas (although totally wish I did!! From what I have seen, there are some great ones!!)

    Anyway, I...
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    So did it end already then? U said it's going to...

    So did it end already then? U said it's going to end early, but didn't say when that was :( I really wanted to do this too :(
  17. ***SIGH***

    Ohio, At&t

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Users\Shaleth>tracert gls.lotro.com

    Tracing route to gls.lotro.com...
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    Can't login again!!!!

    I just froze up on the game about 10 mins ago, and cannot log back into Crickhollow. I tried Gladden and could get in :/ Seems whatever was the problem over the weekend is baaaaaack!!!!! :/ It...
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    No Sound now

    I have been able to successfully log in now, but now I have no sound. I have submitted a bug report ofc, but any ideas what to do to fix this?

  21. Same here Ingiogal :/ KNOCK!!! KNOCK!!!! ...

    Same here Ingiogal :/

    KNOCK!!! KNOCK!!!! Turbine, where are u????
  22. Warbayne

    Bless ur heart Warbyane <3 I can relate to a great deal of what u just said. I am disabled, and live alone, and escape from what reality offers (or doesn't offer) into the LOTRO world where I can...
  23. How would this help?

    ... u weren't a help last night for me, in fact, were rude, and not a help tonight either. So hip-hip-hooray, u got to play all day! /me claps for Cefely
  24. Sapience? Haven't seen him on in 24 hours!!! ...

    Sapience? Haven't seen him on in 24 hours!!!

    But if u contact LOTRO via their phone number, they will add on to the days of ur sub. They have done it for me in the past when they had problems.
  25. At & t UVerse, Ohio Still the same for me as I...

    At & t UVerse, Ohio

    Still the same for me as I reported earlier, fails at 33%, connection timed out. I can however see the new msg that LOTRO put up about the connection issues when I go to log...
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