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  1. Not sure but...

    Actually update should make life much easier for non-mordor players. Used to have to purchase all keys from other players at ~200+ gold per. To my understanding you can run FIs and get key...
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    Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootbox Drop Table

    I'd be interested in creating a table of the drops from the steel-bound lootboxes and updating the lotro-wiki. So far I have opened 5 boxes and found one or two of the the following item types:...
  3. Keep the cost

    A group of people transferred to Crick, took the server 1st deed for completing the raid, and then transferred out. I don't want to see that kind of behavior encouraged >.> I like that it costs...
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    Gold having values is a GOOD thing....

    I would like to vehemently disagree with the OP here. Dunno how many of you all played DDO, but the in game currency there is valueless. You can barter fancy items, and you can trade the astral...
  5. Thread: "On use" Items

    by Orauk

    "On use" Items

    Is there anywhere to find a list of the "on-use" items/buffs, or "clickies"?

    The ones that I know of:

    Ost Dunhoth Raid Drop:
    Baingrist (+5% devastate chance for 1 min) -- No longer available
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    starting area?

    I had this issue with a character that I had not left the introduction instance with. When that instance was updated the character was booted into the main world without novice etc. I did not think...
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    Landscape difficulty

    I recently rolled a Beorning and BoV'd him to level 95. I then used warg pens and the Extraordinary Experience tomes to cap him off at level 105. Landscape mobs in the wastes and NI are challenging...
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    Pretty bad if you can't follow your own rules...

    I don't think the 8:09 Unbroken time should be listed as the rules (set by you on first page) did clearly state that screenshots were not valid and there are other examples in thread of times not...
  9. Good ideas being throne away

    FWIW I do some raiding as well--I understand where you're coming from. However, I have had a much different experience with the ornate inlays drop rate (3 out of 10 bosses dropped, which is where I...
  10. Thread: Healtagging

    by Orauk


    I agree with OP and I think the best/most straightforward solution would be a checkbox to accept heals from people outside of group. If unchecked you would get one of those invalid target comments...
  11. Can you offer a bit of reasoning as to why...

    Can you offer a bit of reasoning as to why Siipperi? From my experience the inlays are pretty rare drops from the raid, sorta like the bracelets. At current rate, (running throne full clear 1/week,...
  12. Barter Tarnished Sigils of Gondor for Ornate Inlays

    I think that the Tarnished Sigils of Gondor should be barterable for Ornate Inlays (say 10 to 15 per Inlay). This would make the benefit from getting one from a raid still significant, would allow...
  13. Thread: Alliances

    by Orauk

    Kinship alliances

    I have been in several kinship alliances, usually there is a alliance chat channel where people within those organized kins chat and organize events/raids. Use of custom chat channels does a lot to...
  14. Currently bugged, expect fix thoguh

    Previous version was fine with me--I had no issue crafting with my cook, solo quests are fast and got lots of mats, just required an invisible journal. (OK, the invisible journal was not clear and...
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    RK Perspective

    With 1-2 DPS on him, sure, with actual damaging focus fire, absolutely not. RK pops AoS, kites around a bit, uses a couple stuns, and other various survivability skills and makes it clear it's not...
  16. LI catch up

    I agree with a number of posters that the LIs are a significant hurdle to overcome and will become more daunting the longer the game progresses since the advent of Imbued legendary items, and I have...
  17. Thread: Crafting and LIs

    by Orauk

    Deconstructing LIs

    In general you will probably want to max the LIs before you deconstruct them, however you can also deconstruct at level 30 if your goal is to get certain legacies for a primary weapon. After the...
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    RK fatestone

    I'm totally biased as I main a RK healer, but fatestone nerf to 2x RKs health would be laughable. People usually prefer minstrel healing overall, and the only reason RKs have a spot in raids is due...
  19. Personally I will probably turn off the world...

    Personally I will probably turn off the world chat if the lff and trade channels function as intended. Outside of grouping and trading I find a high percentage to be annoying political discussion and...
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    Physical mitigation

    Your physical mitigation is significantly overcapped (lotro-wiki has the cap at 25281, so you're rolling about 8k overcap), and incoming healing/morale are a bit on the low side. I like having...
  21. Mits from Essences?

    I think the big question would be what essences you have slotted into those gear pieces. The Ithilien armor and flower gear should be more than enough to enable you to run t2 instances. I'd generally...
  22. Cosmetics etc.

    On topic comment: I think the war dog is kinda nasty looking and reminds me too much of the dogs that we fight in game so I get confused when I have one in group. I think dogs make a lot of sense as...
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    If you're referring to the high drop rates the...

    If you're referring to the high drop rates the first day...

    I did not pick any flowers that day, though not from any sense of right vs. wrong, but simply because I was unaware of the issue. I did...
  24. Alting out and still expecting a valid chance to...

    Alting out and still expecting a valid chance to roll on an item seems perfectly acceptable to me. I've cleared the content and gotten all the loot I wanted with my main character. My main character...
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    Hard for me to tell what you are asking for here...

    You seem to have a few different trains of thought in here, casual vs. raider, varying class strength, and then class roles. I will try to reply to each point separately as I understand it, please...
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