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  1. Re: Why Exclude Players? - TP Only Go Into The LOTRO Store Anyway

    I love aggressive people who lash out at someone while speaking ****.
    "learn something about your country".
    Eh, dude, do you think there is the US that allows this on the one hand, and the rest of...
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    GB Maze drop rates stats

    I've been wondering how the drop rates for GB Maze first boss are split between the crawlers and the chest. And for the Gaerthiel chest.

    I'm looking for stats on drops from crawlers, and stats...
  3. Re: How Long Does It Take To Aquire a Full Set of T1-T3 Tomes in Game - The Math

    Has someone already pointed out that the math is horribly and completely wrong, though a 'rocket scientist' did it?

    First, the assumption are completely wrong: it is assumed that once a tome is...
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