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  1. Actually, on a standard US QWERTY 101-key...

    Actually, on a standard US QWERTY 101-key keyboard the combo is the last key on the row starting with TAB (or Q if you want to start w letters).

    edit: Er, didn't mean this to seem snarky - was...
  2. It does do a minimal filter action right now -...

    It does do a minimal filter action right now - items you don't have stacks of (eg: no stacks to fill) or that you already of have full stacks of (and no partial stacks) will be greyed out in the...
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    The dread sounds... anyone remember that...

    The dread sounds... anyone remember that wonderful music we got when we had dread? Or how we could hear other peoples dread music? (I think they quashed that right before launch, but running by rez...
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    Mine got moved to the center of my screen, I had...

    Mine got moved to the center of my screen, I had to move it back to where I had it before, check to see if it is hiding under another UI element you have on screen.
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    Mouse Look Issues

    I am having some annoying mouse look issues in the game. No matter what my mouse sensitivity is set to (in game or OS) or what options I have checked in the game's mouse properties dialog the mouse...
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    Wow, I have been gone for a long while and the...

    Wow, I have been gone for a long while and the coffee threads are still going! Finally working things out to where I can get back to the game and community (still see quite a few familiar people...
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    Re: Hate to ask but..

    Yes there is.

    Upper right hand corner: My Preferences -> My Forum Settings
    Left hand navigation bar towards the bottom -> Edit Ignore List

    There is a text box labeled Add a Member to your...
  8. Re: Is the only way to get the Festive Azure Steed to be a 5 Year vet?

    It wouldn't be much of a 5 year reward if it was awarded to everyone now would it?

    Also, I have a theory that they are using this anniversary event to sort of "test the waters"/beta test a veteran...
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    Re: Any video posting thread?

    There is a sub forum dedicated to screenshots and videos called Postcards from Middle-Earth (http://forums.lotro.com/forumdisplay.php?105-Postcards-from-Middle-earth)
  10. Re: Add to Quest Tracker when you accept quest

    Yes, but so are tasks [which is what the OP does not want to happen]. The OP wants an option to only have quests auto-fill the quest tracker, and tasks to take their silent way to the quest log...
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    Re: Plugin Manager load/unload buttons

    You shouldn't have to remove the plugins entirely to stop them from loading. On the character select screen there is a button for plugin load selection - you can check/uncheck plugins you desire [and...
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    Re: AH should not loose items

    It doesn't - you are encountering a bug. /bug it so that Turbine can look into it.
  13. Re: Update 6, the Instance Finder, and cross-server grouping

    Er.. some folks seem to think that people who don't like the idea of a cross server LFF tool are against adding it all together - some reading will show you that a majority wouldn't mind [I]as long...
  14. Re: Long gone, returning player, needs some help

    LotRO is a Hybrid model game. In other words there are 2 tiers [well technically 3 tiers] of subscription:

    1) VIP: Same as pre-F2P - you pay a monthly fee and have full benefits
    2) Premium/F2P:...
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    Re: TP Tokens required to join Raids

    I am failing to understand some of the angst about the soldier tokens:

    How is it that something to add a convenient feature that was not available or possible prior to U6 is all of the sudden...
  16. Re: Audacity as the solution to achieve balance in PVMP?

    The reason that Audacity is capped (for Freeps & Creeps) is to create the ability for Turbine to have PvMP "Seasons" [that is what the Dev Diary says at least]. Uncapping it for Creeps would go...
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    Re: Skirmish Rewards, Marks, and Medallions.

    Turbine is trying to shuttle folks into using the Instance Finder - that is where the extra xp/marks have gone. Joining a skirmish/instance via Instance Join no longer provides the same level of...
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    Re: An update on friendlist

    I see where you are coming from, but this wouldn't really save room on the friend list - it would just be a method of organizing names. The limit of friends isn't just a display limit [eg: only X...
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    Re: Wow moments (not the game, right)

    Same here. The same thing happened to me on the Brandywine Bridge - the music combined with the view and the everything else just kept me mesmerised.

    Nothing will ever beat my first memories of...
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    Re: Are these forums necessary?

    I know what game you are referring to ;) (the lack of official forums on the franchise tipped the hand heh)

    Anyway, on topic:

    Are these forums really necessary? Probably not. Do they provide...
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    Re: Una kinship Hispana

    I took spanish in school from grade 5 to 12 and speak it when I can since then :) - the little Tagalog I know came from my time in the Navy. My ship had a very large contingent of Filipnos on board...
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    Re: Una kinship Hispana

    There isn't really an equivalent for "Kinship" in Spanish, it is truly an English word :) - the closest you would come would be "Parentesco" or "Afinidad", neither of which translate to a literal...
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    Re: Una kinship Hispana

    Este forum no es la lugar para anuncios para un Kinship. Este forum es para sugerencias por el jugo.

    Necesita escriba este anuncio en el foro para ud servidor.

    Pido disculpas por mi...
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    Re: The "Thought Police" activity log

    Maybe that thread got moved/merged into Off Topic [where it belongs, as it isn't regarding LotRO]: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?395318-Star-Wars-The-Old-Republic
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    Re: Skirmish Videos

    Hrm, I think my few skirmish videos would be considered pretty useless :/

    As the others pointed out though, Pineleaf's guides are an awesome source of information.
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