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    Sticky: Re: Turbine Official Roleplaying Rules and Policy

    What are these tomatoes? They sound very tasty. Sadly, we hobbits have no tomatoes so no tomato soup. :(

    Tomatoes came from the Americas and so wouldn't be considered part of what was available in...
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    Re: LOTRO's Dark side

    That's never going to happen within LoTRO due to so many things (like the license agreement). The story-line is set so the best you could ever get is maybe a few instances where you can play the evil...
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    Re: Commissioning Items from the AH

    I agree, it's a great idea. It has been suggested here and on the EU forums for ages in various different forms and I've supported them when ever raised. Other games offer this and it works so it...
  4. Develop some of the ideas to encourage Roleplay Encouraged

    There's a been a fair bit of discussion raised over role play since the announcement of taking over the EU servers. How about doing an update that includes some of the role play requested items that...
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    Re: Make cloaks multi-output recipes

    I did consider robes, but decided against including them in the suggestion in case it got dismissed with a "they can wear other armour and equip robes cosmetically" or something else that ended...
  6. Re: Add Guild Crafting Reputation Item Collectors to other areas

    Getting a little off subject here. This thread is specifically for the reputation items that take you up through acquaintance, friend, ally and kindred. :)
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    Re: Option to freeze XP

    I support the concept of being able to freeze XP. An on/off switch/toggle would be my preference but any option that would allow my character to do all that is offered at the level is is designed...
  8. Thread: Animal Farming

    by Stobbit

    Re: Animal Farming

    I agree with the general idea raised here.

    I'd like to add bee keeping, for a small amount of honey and wax over time, and rabbits for the coney-meat.

    I would also love to be able to hunt boar,...
  9. Re: Add Guild Crafting Reputation Item Collectors to other areas

    Technically, yes, the guilds would have been originally based in specific cities to monopolise and control trade. The bigger the city, the bigger the trade and the more likely they'd be a guild or...
  10. Add Guild Crafting Reputation Item Collectors to other areas

    Currently if you have a tailor/jeweller/woodworker you have to go all the way to Esteldin to hand in crafted guild reputation items, Rivendell for scholars and an easier trip to Thorin's Hall for the...
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    Make cloaks multi-output recipes

    A humble suggestion:

    Currently we have certain armour and jewellery sets being multi-output, therefore allowing players to pick the best stats for their character, but the cloaks (at least at the...
  12. Make a use for the 'trophy items', to save disappointment

    The game has various 'trophy items' that drop from certain rare signature critters and evil folk, for example:

    Iornaith's Head
    Old Croaker's Bones
    Crop-scourge's Wing
    Asht's Tooth
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