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    Re: Where has everyone gone?

    It's all about fun.

    Years ago LoTRO was fun. The fun started fading after Moria for me. Almost every change since Moria has increased my emotional distance from the game. Were I not a Lifetime...
  2. Re: People's names outside of RP servers -- are they as bad as in certain other MMOs?

    One of my biggest naming pet peeves is having the class or role as part of the name. If a guard has "guard" or "tank" anywhere in their name or an RK has "rune", it immediately tells me the person is...
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    Re: LOTRO Versus other MMOS

    Up through Moria, LotRO was at the top of my MMO list. Since then (and really, the LI system in Moria started my disappointment) it has fallen to probably third.

    EQ was my first MMO, and its place...
  4. Re: If you do not like LOTR then it is time to move onto another MMO game

    Or, more generously, "misery loves company", which I take as not so much wanting to ruin others' fun but more as wanting to vent to a sympathetic audience (or perhaps seeking a combative audience for...
  5. Re: Grinds Grinds Grinds To Tempt Us To Buy Stuff In Store - Anyon Else Tired Of This

    I'm another that has lost interest in LotRO in the wake of post-SOA and post-Moria changes, and I also have pre-ordered SW-tOR. Unfortunately, the changes in this game seem to have increased Turbine...
  6. Re: Do You Think Turbine Should Expand Tomes Up to Level 10?

    I'd be okay with either of two courses of action:

    1. Go ahead and expand tomes to 10 tiers but also make the in-game drop rate something that doesn't make you want to tear your hair out.

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    Re: LOTRO Becoming a Grindfest?

    I'm there as well. I don't bother once I get a 65 3rd Age with good legacies; that's good enough to just play and get stuff done. The whole overly complicated LI system turns me off. For some, it's...
  8. Re: How do you Spend your Turbine Points and Which Sales Would Inspire you to Drop em

    And I refuse to play that game. I'm saving all my TP to put toward the next paid expansion. I refuse to buy TP. I refuse to spend TP on anything that only affects one character because that leads to...
  9. Thread: Masteries

    by meshershark

    Re: Masteries

    I'm trying out the Masteries now, and I'm finding them frustrating. Not the relearning aspect, but the actual usage aspect. Common gambits patterns I use like (1=spear, 2=shield, 3=fist) 2-1-2-1-2...
  10. Thread: Masteries

    by meshershark

    Re: Masteries

    Are masteries really that much better than other things we could use those trait slots for? There's not a single gambit you can't do without them. It also seems like they'd limit your flexibility...
  11. Re: What names are you all giving your legendaries?

    When Moria was relatively new and I didn't know any better, I named my LIs with grander names, thinking they deserved them. Once I realized there was nothing legendary about LIs I started just making...
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    Re: What if leveling were optional?

    I'd be wary of this because what we'd probably get is a level-up Store button that forces us to spend TP to gain a level.

    Maybe they should just adjust your Morale and Power and skills down to...
  13. Re: Return gold balance to the character panel!

    What seems much more likely is that the revamp was for the purpose of shoving more Store come-ons our way. They removed a small but highly convenient feature like having gold balance that has been in...
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    Re: Is the game more fun at level 65?

    Personally, the part I like least is the part when you can't gain XP for quests and are turned toward more repetitive activities like deeding and raiding. Plus once you get around 50 you get sucked...
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    Re: What do you spend your TP to buy?


    All my TP is being hoarded to spend on the next paid expansion, provided I'm still playing by then. (I'm a Lifetime VIP.)

    The way the game is headed, I'm not inclined to spend real...
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    Re: What do VIPs spend TP on?

    Same here. Once Rohan hits and I see how much TP it takes to buy it, I'll think about spending extra TP on something, but the only thing remotely desirable to me are the stat tomes that I refuse to...
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    Re: Petition to remove LIs?

    How is pulling a slot machine handle hundreds of times a challenge? If we had to wage an epic battle to win a great weapon, that would be a challenge, but killing hundreds of orcs and discarding...
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    Re: Petition to remove LIs?

    Or they could uncap Virtues and let our characters grow naturally so we wouldn't be so dependent on a bad LI system.
  19. Re: How much have you spent in the LOTRO store?

    0. I'm saving my points for the next expansion; I guess since that's a year out, I should have plenty. As a VIP Lifetimer, the only thing in the store I'd like to have are the stat tomes, but I'm...
  20. Re: Lifetime members: Are you receiving your monthly 500 Turbine Points?

    I'm letting my points sit as well. For one thing, the only thing in the store that even vaguely interests me is the tomes, but I don't want to start down that road because then I'll end up having to...
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    Re: Rune-Keepers vs Hunters and Minstrels

    Amen. This has been one of my biggest gripes with the game and with the genre in general. I all but abandoned my Hunter after the Book 7 nerfs over a year ago. My Hunter went through Moria feeling...
  22. Re: Any suggestions? I Hate Moria and the LI system

    As I explained in another thread, I have a fundamental problem with the LI system. It presents a series of socketed commodities that don't in any way feel legendary to me, and the associated grind...
  23. Re: After LI's All Those Amazing Weapons Became Obsolete

    Those cool drops are the true legendaries. The so-called Legendary Items are just socketed commodities. The fundamental implementation of the LI system is completely wrong-headed. Legendary items...
  24. Re: Any suggestions? I Hate Moria and the LI system

    Maybe someday our Skirmish companions will be summonable throughout the entire gameworld, and when summoned will halve the XP for kills and quests and halve the loot received.

    Oh, and by the way,...
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    Re: Are you rolling a RK - Heal AND DPS!

    I mostly abandoned my Hunter back when the Book 7 nerfs took it below where I thought the class should be. After leveling a Warden and feeling suitably capable, I next tried an RK and so far it...
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