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    still unable to play

    I have now been unable to play since end of april. I have reinstalled the game a few times from lotro.com. I have renamed files repaired files moved files. ever since this dns thingy that happened I...
  2. there was an error generating a hash code for a patch file

    hello there

    a lost soul here that's not good with technical things.
    been away for a few days. started up my laptop to play lotro and discovered I couldn't patch it with the error … there was a...
  3. A true gentlman. thinking of your family at this...

    A true gentlman. thinking of your family at this time. So glad i got to meet u will treasure those memories in my heart.

    Rest In Peace Buddy.

  4. Re: Quest bugged for me and blocking rest of Wailing Hills quest line

    hey all

    having same issue 5th alt to go through the great river and first time this has happened. started with book 6 to get me to the great river and did the areas in order along with book. got...
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