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  1. I did FINALLY receive a live response from...

    I did FINALLY receive a live response from customer support late yesterday. They suggested that I turn off all sound hardware using the device manager. I did so, but there was no change; after I hit...
  2. So... is, or isn't, this forum the correct place...

    So... is, or isn't, this forum the correct place to look for help on issues like this?

    Turbine's account services number tells me to post here for help.... but no help is forthcoming.
  3. Downloaded the hotfix. No change except that...

    Downloaded the hotfix. No change except that instead of simply hanging (showing the loading screen for ages and ages), it closed itself and gave me a windows message that the game was no longer...
  4. I don't think you can ask for a refund, per se,...

    I don't think you can ask for a refund, per se, although you might be able to press the issue if you're paying to be VIP and it turns out that you're not getting your play time due to an error at...
  5. Another person who can get to the Enter Middle Earth button but not load game

    The title pretty much says it all. I have had no trouble with my launcher, and I can successfully navigate through my characters, my options, and so on. However, when I choose a character and tell...
  6. The dwarf race location is beyond weird. There...

    The dwarf race location is beyond weird. There are multiple levels of cave, but the other don't appear to be used.

    There were dwarves lined up, and I could take the quest, and the guy finally said...
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    That's a pretty cool idea!

    That's a pretty cool idea!
  8. Re: The Riders of Rohan Pricing Discussion Thread

    Count me in. I've been putting off buying GW2 because I didn't (don't) have the $70. Now surprise! I have an expansion to think about too.

    I'm sometimes afraid to mention my desire to add GW2 to...
  9. Re: Worldwide Announcement At End of Event / Festival timer command

    Thanks for the comments, everybody, and the ideas about fun cosmetic stuff for the kiddo :)

    I will check out that plugin for sure. :)
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    Re: Riders of Rohan Pre Order Details

    Count me in on many of the points previously stated; specifically:

    *$40 is hefty for a base-level expansion with absolutely no perks. $70 is completely out of my league. A 6th bag would be...
  11. Worldwide Announcement At End of Event / Festival timer command

    Hi there.

    Today I finally got my computer up and running, after nearly a week of downtime. I was able to get on my husband's computer a few times, but I basically lost 4-5 days of gameplay by...
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    Re: SUGGESTION: Housing Redesign

    This is both laugh-out-loud hilarious and spot-on accurate. I'm still holding my breath!
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    Re: Why did Frodo carry the ring on foot?

    I don't know that I would have used the phrase "use of the forces available" - that makes them sound more like pack horses whose *purpose* is to await their use as transport, when Tolkien (at least...
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    Re: Anniversary Gifts - not worth it?

    Unless you got VIP for the express purpose of acquiring these gifts, they are free. You paid ~$10/mo for the other VIP perks, without even knowing that you would be GETTING these gifts, and you got...
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    Re: Character Portraits: A Suggestion

    I like this idea, too. I definitely agree that the portraits were the most exciting reward, although the clothes and horse are beautiful and a close second. However, I won't be wearing those clothes...
  16. Re: Stable Mounts Issue and Stuttering/Hitching issues

    I have not had the Stable Mounts problem since the MOST recent tiny-patch (i forget the proper name).

    However, since that recent patch, I have begun to experience strange lag that would be...
  17. Re: Please consider scaling back the crafting ingredient drop increase...

    Sweet Hufflepuff on a Stick, as a friend recently started saying.

    It's so hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that the experiences on the different servers are so different.

    Of course,...
  18. Re: Please consider scaling back the crafting ingredient drop increase...

    So, pricing the commodity just high enough to make a profit is price gouging? Previously, I would price a stack of something (say garnets) for vendor price, plus AH listing fees, plus maybe 10-20%...
  19. Re: Slow horse travel keeps stalling at points

    Thank you for posting this - I thought it was my 4-year-old's fault for pushing buttons when I wasn't looking (and submitted a bugreport saying so).

    However, it happened even during swift travel...
  20. Re: Please consider scaling back the crafting ingredient drop increase...

    When this first happened to me, I thought I needed to /bugreport it. Then I found out it was WAI. My first reaction was "wow, great!"

    But after thinking about it - and certainly after visiting the...
  21. Re: The Words "The Twenty First Hall" Won't Stop Popping Up On My Screen.

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Reniannen again.
  22. Recipe Scroll box icons un-indentifiable!

    Not normally a big griper about changes in the game. Most things that bother me, I get used to after a week or so of gameplay.

    But today, I opened up my inventory and went - what the heck are...
  23. Re: The Premium Barter Wallet : How much space did you save?

    I'm listing level along with class; I think level is more relevant for the number of barter items I have on hand or in storage!

    73 Minstrel - 22
    48 Hunter - 13
    22 Champion - 6
    21 Warden - 6...
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    Re: Lame Treasure hunting

    QFT. I really enjoy the treasure hunting, but I agree that if you've started a site in any way - and this means releasing a cave claw (the actual click of the cave claw cage, not the cave claw...
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    Moving LOTRO to a different drive

    Hey there folks.

    I am trying to shift my games to a new, separate hard drive. I want to install LOTRO to the new drive, but I don't want to lose all my preferences.

    I know that some of the...
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