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    U15 on 11/5?

    I read the announcement of U15 for the 5th of next month (technically Massively article) and came here looking for more info e.g. pricing. I guess i was just too impatient and something will hit the...
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    30 Bonevale quests?

    I am trying to do the 30 Bonevale quest deed. I googled and found some things;

    I found the " "Crushed Vessel" (76.7S, 13.8W)" but it said I needed to do Something Foul which seems to be gven by...
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    Delete dup spring cosmetics?

    I have more than one War-steed Cosmetic Set - Spring Lissuin Appearance on a character? Can't I delete the duplicates? They are bound so I can't send them to other characters.

    Extremely noobish...
  4. TYVM`

    TYVM for the answers!

    My personal reaction is

    Ofc #32 was the most disappointing for me personally.

    #11 - anything for us solo players would be appreciated.

    #19 was intriguing - I like...
  5. Which guild rep items do you still make after Kinship?

    My first crafting alt made Kinship with cooks. I am still making repast mostly out of habit and ocd. I justify it since you can eventually barter up low stuff to high and that I can always make...
  6. TYVM! I plan to give in and buy the premium...


    I plan to give in and buy the premium wallet the week before it goes on sale.

    P.s. I think it is...
  7. Leveling: Does equip level of the unequipped LI matter?

    I am leveling so not that worried about the max/grind LI until 95. But I have four extra LIs slotted to be decon.

    I noticed that some scrolls only work "up to level XXX" E.g. delving is to...
  8. Thank you! I had a couple of emo-rage failed...

    Thank you!

    I had a couple of emo-rage failed attempts since I don't play the class. I got it the first time after watching the video.
  9. One key confuses me

    Since there are nine types of lockboxes, I don't see why there is much effort on any but the top. It takes the same key to open the first and last tier. I.e. the costs is not the 4g for the low-end...
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    It also depends on your keyboard settings. ...

    It also depends on your keyboard settings.

    IIRC (I finally gave in and bought a games-only PC and just use the Mac for computer stuff.)

    In the normal mode, if you press F1 it dims the screen...
  11. Moria: where to turn in completed auto-quests like Poison-control?

    In Moria, I have several completed quests clogging up my quest log.

    E.g. [55] Poisoners and Masters and [55] Poison-craft in Baiúrz-mur. I put them on the map, I don't see them. It won't let me...
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    Legendary: Rune overflow, relics?

    I have listened to the lotro players legendary episodes twice and googled some but am still adrift.

    1) I have some 50,000 xp runes from a daily gift. My weapon is in in the 30s and each level is...
  13. Don't forget the API

    1) In a better world, you would have everything in the base UI. But in a world of finite developer resources, I would rather they be spent on things I can't now accomplish. E.g., I think you should...
  14. +1 for LI and craft from vault

    Everything stack larger

    Tokens for LI, LIXP - currency or fewer with larger stack (or make only 1000 XP tokens that stack to 1000 and then drop multiple when you want to reward more than 1000)
  15. More Wallets: NPC-crafting and task

    NPC-crafting: Similar to the currency wallet, have things sold in unlimited quantity by NPCs show up as entries in my wallet rather than items. It would be great if there were large crafting bags. ...
  16. Need more PR effort without expansion

    Thank you.

    I am new to LotRO and of course love it.

    Expansions are quite disruptive with new levels, gear resets, etc.

    OTOH, Expansions get publicity. I knew at some point I wanted to play...
  17. Task items but especially **Taskless** task items

    I will always have space issues. but the most senselessly annoying thing for me is task items without tasks. (BTW, item level in HD tooltip was useful for task items.)
    Remove them from game is...
  18. Suggestion: "currency wallet" for vendor crafting ingredients.

    Similar to the currency wallet, have things sold in unlimited quantity by NPCs show up as entries in my wallet rather than items.

    My guess is that at some point most of these ingredients will be...
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    UI Help with crits, buffs and debuffs?

    My QK burg played enough like other MMOs that I was fine solo leveling pre-HD. Trying gambler and am a bit puzzled.

    Is there a resource I should read about the UI? How can I tell that I had a...
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    Any help for leveling solo as gambler?

    I got to 50 as QK; it seemed pretty simple although sneaking and positioning was not overly quick.

    With HD, I thought I would try Gambler for solo leveling.

    I am so lost.

    I am not sure if I...
  21. http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Item%3AYew_Bowstaf...


    yew bowstaff was created by a recipe ( one from 2 treated yew plank.) It was created and used like braces and haft and should have had...
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    Can API lock/unlock items in my bags?

    I want an addon/script that will automatically lock specific items that I hardcode i.e. task items for which there is a task quest and unlock task items for which there is not a task quest.
  23. What level do you think I can judge the class feel?

    I am looking for the class that is the best fit for me doing solo PvE and have been doing several to get a feel for them (as well as get their free 20 riding while still subscribed.)

    But how a...
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    Thx everyone! I would have gotten the shield...

    Thx everyone!

    I would have gotten the shield but rifflers and brooches would be far more problematic.

    I also wish the tooltip on things like runestones said 2h but once I know, it becomes a...
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    Why do BoEs need repair?

    I had some BoE armor that needed repair before they could go on the AH - still BoE so never equipped.

    Was this because of a bug? created with "needs repair" tool? Items in bags as well as worn...
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