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  1. I would roll a dwarf captain in a hot second...

    I would roll a dwarf captain in a hot second (think of the yells!), but it will never happen :/
  2. I am female and I play a mix of male and female...

    I am female and I play a mix of male and female toons, but my main on Riddermark is a male Guardian (so, extra unexpected when I turn out to be a woman irl). I know this is oddly sexist, but I just...
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    I don't know what level your scholar is, but you...

    I don't know what level your scholar is, but you should be able to get heaps of T5 scholar materials by running CD/Uru and looting everything (lots of pots, too). For the Sindarin passages, I...
  4. I generally go for whichever has the highest ICPR...

    I generally go for whichever has the highest ICPR (cooked) or make Vit food (trail). Even non-crit Vit food sells pretty well if it's top tier.

    Man, this thread is pure gold. I've given out 24 hours' worth of reputation in about ten minutes.

    On topic: Clearly OP has never gotten to level 20 or so and done book 1, chapter 11. The best solo...
  6. Re: New Crafted Relics: Why none for Captains or Tanks?

    I like the idea of a Vit and mitigation option. I think there are non-tank classes who would be all over that, though, which is probably why they didn't include it. They seem set on forcing non-tank...
  7. Re: What Every Class Should Know About Tanking Champions

    Awesomest forum post I've seen in weeks. I even logged in on my phone just so I could give you +rep. Thanks for being funny and informative at the same time.
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    Re: patch notes - minstrels-in brief

    Wish I could give lotrojim and jeauxlotr rep, but apparently I've already handed out too much today (in 30 minutes!). I absolutely agree that Freep classes should not be balanced around PvMP *unless*...
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    Re: Threat Generation Legacy Rank

    Just chiming in to agree with the rest...I think this, CaB CD and Ward Duration maxed out are the really non-negotiable tanking legacies. Everything else is gravy.
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    Re: No more god mode...

    I would strongly support a general revamp of racial skills for usefulness. Right now they feel like an afterthought, and except for the one heal or damage reduction skill, I doubt it would make a...
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    Re: Nerfed S4M to Medallion exchange rate

    I logged in just to give you +rep for this. Seriously, what a horrible move. I was all happy that they had revised soldier upgrade costs, but now I'm not sure how to feel. I don't have any S4Ms left,...
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    Re: Raiding - expectations and reality

    Awesome. +rep for hilarity and accuracy.
  13. Re: If you could hire a dev to change one thing in the game, what would it be?

    I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned on the forums before, but I would like to see several improvements related to LI scrolls.

    1. 10-20% chance to receive scrolls of delving or empowerment...
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    Re: Endewaith, Cache and Carry:hidden lore

    I got my butt handed to me by a couple of those wargs before I realized it was possible to avoid them and still get the quest done. The stash is approximately where text says it should be...I think...
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    Re: simple question

    I may be remembering incorrectly, but I believe only T1 (10 M/V/A/W/F or 50 morale/power) crafted relics may be used in level 50-60 LIs. T2 (20 main stat/100 morale or power) can be used on 61+ and...
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    Re: Force field at the bitter stair

    I find it interesting that you cannot just walk inside (or start the instance) under-level, but I've seen toons as low as level 16 pulled through the content with a higher-level group. Same with GA,...
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    Re: Raids? WoW all over?

    I have been at the level cap for about two weeks now and still have virtues in the 6-9 range, so take this advice with as many grains of salt as you feel necessary.

    As a Guard, you have a couple...
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    Re: Guardian rotations

    IMO, OP doesn't really come into its own until you've earned two very important traits: Hit Where It Hurts and Blocking Force (I think that's what it's called, anyway...I guess I should pay more...
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    Re: Tis why i hate this game now...

    +Rep for stating things perfectly. I have a poor level 41 RK languishing as my only character on a server other than my main, and he is going to stay level 41 for a while. Even with awesome gear, he...
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    Re: Thank you Graalx2 for your answers


    I was traited and geared for tanking the other day and accidentally traveled to the area I was questing in without swapping everything. I didn't feel like going back to the bard/vault, so I...
  21. Re: One last try: Graal, some opinions, please?

    I would love a way to solo with a shield that didn't take twice as long as with my current OP build. Until such a thing is forthcoming, I'm stuck using power like it's going out of style, keeping...
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    Re: Crafting IS Broken!!

    I think a major contributing factor to the OP's frustration is probably the fact that flax has one of the lowest drop rates of all the crit ingredients, and is probably the most in demand as a...
  23. Re: thank you for turning the minstrel into one of the brittle classes

    Just a quick clarification here...I wouldn't have brought up soloing GB Sambrog if I didn't consider it a good test of a character's survivability at that level. Obviously, fighting on-level mobs is...
  24. Re: thank you for turning the minstrel into one of the brittle classes

    Mentioned this elsewhere on the forums today, and I don't want to seem boastful, but...my 41 minstrel soloed Sambrog today. The whole thing. Pretty sure I could not have done that pre-RoI. Granted,...
  25. Re: whats the logic of the orange death line penalty in a solo instance revival ???

    This times a million.

    My minstrel was the first toon I rolled. I had no idea what I was doing and drop/quest gear only. I was trying to play toe-to-toe and dying constantly. Then I found the...
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