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  1. This game died when it went free-to-play and...

    This game died when it went free-to-play and implemented the cash shop. Period.
  2. Re: Microsoft Visual C++; how many installs does LoTRO need? I'm up to 9 now!

    Same problem here, launcher wants to re-download the C++ redistribution files each launch, can't find them, and I have to reinstall them manually (had to manually download from the Microsoft site)....
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    Re: most needed class

    If you want a guaranteed group spot when you feel like grouping, go Minstrel. Period.
    Yes, Runekeepers can heal, but most groups will take a minstrel over an RK with no debate, as most leveling RK's...
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    Re: Live (non-ABC, non-MIDI-sequenced) performing

    Yes, the latency basically kills 'live' performances in a group, believe me, I've tried.
    That being said, custom written abc's can be far more satisfying. The entirety of Carmena Burana or a Bach...
  5. Re: Lotro needs a dps meter and other diagnostic addons

    So you want to turn a GAME into actual work and stress... congratulations.
    Learn to code and make these apps yourself, that ever occur to you?
  6. Thread: Ugh! Come on!!!

    by Vraell

    Re: Ugh! Come on!!!

    You obviously don't RP, or play music in an entertainment kinship.... or even like to attend any events that aren't scheduled months in advance via GM's. These activities are basically ruined now,...
  7. Thread: Dynamic Layers.

    by Vraell

    Re: Dynamic Layers.

    This instancing **** is the worst thing to happen to this game.
    So much for musical concerts, mass RP, even just meeting up with your kinmates in a city.
    I won't even mention the logon queues that...
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