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    Inspiration on a 30 minute timer?

    Was the timer increased for using Inspiration for the epic quests? I'm working on V1B4, but its saying that I can't use the stone again for another 30 minutes...?

    Didn't it used to be 10 or 15...
  2. Thread: PAX East

    by KouklaGirl

    Re: PAX East

    It will probably be on XPlay or the PAX special that's set to air on Tuesday.
  3. Re: Analysis of lag spike behaviour, and a request of the community

    Ever since the last patch, I have seen all kinds of lag anywhere I am. It usually lasts 2-5 seconds. It's not my ISP because I have seen this on two different ISP's (Brighthouse and Verizon).
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    Re: Auction House Limit: A plea to the Devs

    Economics 101. Supply and demand. If supply is short (lack of medium leather on the AH), then the price is going to be high. If there's a lot of medium leather on the AH, then people are going to be...
  5. Poll: Re: PAX East & Turbine Party Rollcall. Are you going?

    I noticed Turbine (and WBG) have one of the biggest booths at PAX.
  6. Winning Lotteries showing future dates and times

    Two of my characters won the lottery the other day, yet the Winning Entries column is showing a future date and time for the win.

    Deck the Halls
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    Tailors Vs. the LOTRO Store

    Since the store has went online, call for cosmetic items from tailors has went out the window.

    Can Tailors get some exclusive cosmetic recipes so we don't have to compete with the store???
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