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    This would of been due to: 'Fantasy or...

    This would of been due to: 'Fantasy or non-fantasy names from popular culture or media' I think
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    I'm fairly sure there is no rule about having to...

    I'm fairly sure there is no rule about having to have a lore appropriate name in the first place is there? All I could find in the Code of conduct was a section on naming rules with a recommendation...
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    I'm not completely sure on this... but, one...

    I'm not completely sure on this... but, one problem with this could be that say for example, the 1000 block you have in your level 50 gear at level 50 could equate to a 25% block rating, the same...
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    Great! Now I have my own bodyguard in the housing...

    Great! Now I have my own bodyguard in the housing area in case I get jumped by a hungry hobbit :)

    and as a Captain I can now have 3 dwarves following me around
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    Not sure what you are referring to, ranks inside...

    Not sure what you are referring to, ranks inside guilds already have associated titles based on whichever racial skin the guild was created as

    Do you mean the ranks which unlock over the life time...
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    I'm unaware of any website with the information,...

    I'm unaware of any website with the information, but if you remove all your equipment and then subtract (vitality multiplied by 5) from the morale pool you will have your base morale for your level
  7. Re: A bearskin rug with a bunny sitting on its head.

    There's also one on a small island in the Limlight Gorge area - in my mind this has now moved from a continuation of a theme started in Enedwaith to perhaps a hidden deed! Did you happen to hear the...
  8. Re: LOTRO jumps the shark. Basic enhancements to the game now cost TP.

    Didn't they add anniversary tokens at 'a later date' or were they present from the beginning?

    With regards to past statements by sapience, I fail to see where they stated that it would be a FREE...
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    Re: New Orthanc Gear just doesn't feel right?

    From the bullroarer patch notes just before the section where it lists the new drop rates

    'Some Orthanc pieces of equipment have seen their stats adjusted.'

    of course this could be adjusted up...
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    Re: Draigoch - P3 - A Captain's Role

    Yup, run round the side of the room after the tank and stop at maximum range for your words of courage and resume your previous work, just make sure to rejoin the group when Draigoch takes off and...
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    Re: Captain as main-tank healer in Draigoch raid

    Re: Unintended gameplay - A thread detailing how to perform the no damage tanking was deleted by moderators, I think clearing up whether this is allowed or not, if it was valid then surely it would...
  12. Re: AH: Make it possible to only see the recipes you haven't learned

    Agreed on the idea! But thinking of options that may be more cost effective ( I would imagine anyway) and thus more likely to be implemented, perhaps a much more clearly defined icon for recipes that...
  13. Re: Completionist Tracker (All deeds, titles, virtues, mounts)

    I think spring loaded traps needs to replace (or be in addition to) the removed trait, graceful draw
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    Re: Resistances and Tactical Damage

    There is a thread in the guardian forum http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?433299-Resistance discussing this issue with some dev posts on it as well that may give further info for you as well
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    Re: The 1/17/12 Patch Note Thread

    Can't recall the exact figures but I used a scroll of refund post patch on a max level sage from before the patch and and after buying the skills again, came out with more marks than I had before I...
  16. Re: Completionist Tracker (All deeds, titles, virtues, mounts)

    Lovely, I was trying to work out something myself of a similar nature but this is.. much better!

    good stuff Whiteberry :)
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