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  1. There are only two classes of players...

    There are, in fact, only two classes of players in LOTRO.

    Those with stealth ... and those without.

    I don't want to make a really big point here, but as I pass like a unseen shadow across the...
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    Re: ooodles of fun in fornost

    I have to agree with this one.

    If you are in a fellowship were simplicity is the best strategy, then, by all means, just do GGGGGG till the cows come home.

    If, however, the fellowship begins to...
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    Re: PLEASE revise Moria EPIC quests!

    True, so true. :)

    We've moved on from Moria long ago to Lothlorien and Mirkwood and now to Enedwaith, so Inspired Greatness buffs for ALL of Volume II are now due.

    So, please Turbine, just add...
  4. Re: Burglar- is it supposed to be this much fun??

    Pssst... Hey, Elvorn. I'm right behind you.

    First off, you're not supposed to see me in the wilds and, second, I am /anon so I don't show up on Who lists.

    The only time I see 65 Burglars is...
  5. Steed of Night ... great mount

    I'm a VIP (via Lifetime Sub) and Turbine kindly gave me beaucoup points upfront as a bonus which I appreciated very much. Was something like 5,700 TP ... and of course the 500 TP per month...
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    Re: What New Burglar Skills Would you Like?

    Although I like what I read in this thread, it has to be kept in mind that with the current state of our quickbars being chockful of stuff already, I would not support "new" skills, but instead...
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