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    Yáviérë: A feast of Thankgivng

    For many years we have gathered to mark the autumn equinox with the festival of yáviérë. As the darkness of the season grows along with rumors that Mordor once again is rising we should gather to...
  2. Re: Ghosts, Goosebumps and Graveyard Tales- A Harvestmath Concert Event.

    By popular demand a new date has been added for those of you who cannot make the 8pm time.

    Sunday Nov 7
    Time 2 pm est

    Just don't tell my boss I am not driving my son back to trade school that...
  3. Ghosts, Goosebumps and Graveyard Tales- A Harvestmath Concert Event.

    Second Breakfast Proudly Presents
    Our first Harvestmath Festival Concert
    By Second Breakfast Band-The Breakfast Club

    Do you remember the tales your Gaffer used to tell you about the Old...
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    Re: Annoyances and their Solutions

    Problem number 7 Layers

    Additional solution: Give us the ability to choose what layer we are going to. Plus information of the player population of that layer. I seen it done on different games,...
  5. Thread: Dynamic Layers.

    by Diella

    Re: Dynamic Layers.

    If we have to have layers PLEASE give us the option to choose which layer we ca go to. Maybe clicking on our map we see that there is 6 layer in Bree wee check the population decide which one fits...
  6. Thread: ABC Songbook

    by Diella

    Sticky: Re: ABC Songbook

    Melanie, Lay down (candles in the rain)
    if possible I like it for solo or small group.

    link to sheet music http://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtdVPE.asp?ppn=mn0068808

    Link to midi ...
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