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    Re: reputation for Thorin's Hall

    Wow this was an old thread! Actually now anyone at any level can get rep for Thorin's Hall. The items granting this are dropped from mobs in Sarnur, and sometimes can be bought at the auction...
  2. Re: In game store Isengard vs Web store Isengard

    Okay, done... now it is saying that I will be billed $60 every 6 months - in advance. So will they be billing me immediately? If so, how do I cancel? I logged onto Turbine and I see a way to...
  3. Re: In game store Isengard vs Web store Isengard

    I'm thinking about purchasing Isengard thru the online store, but the website that I am linked to from here (http://isengard.lotro.com/purchase.php#) is looking very fishy... store.digitalriver.com...
  4. Re: Legendary Items: do you have to rebuild from scratch?

    I totally agree with you on this one. IXP is not all that hard to come by, but scrolls of empowerment are (and the new ones will be even more so, I'm sure). I agree with others that the whole...
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    Real Estate Transactions

    Why can we not purchase houses from other players? I want to buy a house near my kin house, but none are available. I would pay someone handsomely to get one of those owners to move elsewhere...
  6. Re: - Manage Your Traits - (select from favorites list)

    I have been thinking about posting this suggestion - you beat me to it! Great idea. Much needed for certain classes. They could even charge us some store points for each trait set we establish. ...
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    Re: Unblock epic storyline

    When does Update 2 come out anyway? Can't find it on the community calendar.
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    Re: Unblock epic storyline

    Thank goodness! Thanks for the info!
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    Unblock epic storyline

    I really enjoy the epic storyline. I'm a huge fan of the books, and this is a big part of why I chose this game. I am very frustrated, though, that I cannot seem to get past one part of the epic...
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    Re: Seriously sick of the Legendary Lottery.

    Heheh, well said! Or would we expect to find Gandalf's study (if he had a permanent home) littered with 30+ staffs, all identical in appearance, but none of them with the right magical properties?
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    Re: Legendary Item System Revamp Suggestion

    Nicely done. I do hope that they make some change to help with the frustrating randomness of LIs. Even having the potential to earn a "change this legacy to some other random legacy" scroll would...
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    Real estate sales

    I would like to see an option to sell a house to another player. I think that would add a little realism. Also, we have a kinship house, and as more members have joined, we'd like to buy more...
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