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  1. toodlepip, you and Formengil seem to have...

    toodlepip, you and Formengil seem to have misunderstood what I said. I never suggested that memory from a leak could be returned to the pool. Go reread my original post. So, I agree with most...
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    Trick is to Stay Ahead of the Heat

    My LOTRO Mac client experience has been very different. I have had little problem with heating and the internal fan only kicks up when I leave it on the Character Select screen for too long. I am...
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    You can also load UI layouts in game

    I also have a 13" screen. You can use /ui to load & save layouts if you don't want a different UI layout for each of your characters. The only caveat is the Mac client cannot find the path to your...
  4. Get a memory cleaner on the Mac App Store

    I have been a computer technician, administrator, and programmer for decades so I know (Mac,UNIX,Windows) computers inside and out. The problem with memory leaks is the programmer or code converter...
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    Huge memory leaks - use a free Memory Cleaner from the App Store


    Don't listen to those people who say you don't need something like this. I have been a computer tech and programmer for many years....
  6. As newbie myself this is the 'Answers to your questions FAQ (updated 11/5/2012)'


    Has more answers than you ever wanted but the best part is it tells exactly what happens for F2P, Premium, VIP and when you...
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