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    Re: On Wargs in Update 6

    So another knockdown for a warg but this time a 100% one, does that mean knockdowns will also be pottable and put in the same dr table as every other cc with update 6, or should everyone play a burg...
  2. Re: Stop freeps constant unended spam track ability..

    I said the flaw was the viability not purely stealth itself, also as warg you can dips so you are in combat still but you can get a knockdown with pounce, so wrong again, and tbh you must be doing...
  3. Re: Stop freeps constant unended spam track ability..

    I said the best '' Lockdown '' in the game which is a '' Knockdown '' i know reading is hard, and yes wardens have it aswell but how viable is a warden vs a warg, first off there's tons more wargs...
  4. Re: Stop freeps constant unended spam track ability..

    So let me get this straight you a stealth class with a base of 110% movement speed in stealth that has acces to sprint and dips and the best lockdown aka knockdown in the game, complains that 1 class...
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    Re: Most respected players after Roi

    Your point is clear but the fact that you seem to think that your way of fun,fair and respect is the monopoly only shows you are the real naive and egocentric person.
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    Re: Most respected players after Roi

    Once again more deriven assumptions, if you can't follow what you preach you'll get burned yourself eventually.
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    Re: Ridiculous Crits

    Blue vs Red HS crits don't differ greatly as precision builds usually use the legacy with 13% extra crit multiplier vs the raw damage bonus.

    Also how hard is it to get out of los/range from a hs...
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    Re: Most respected players after Roi

    Someone that talks big about mutual respect but then judges respect based on playstyle alone in some cases, yet in others he judges according to character instead of playstyle, sounds just like...
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    Re: Most respected players after Roi

    Just wanna come back on your words that spiders have no '' oh #### '' buttons,

    -Shelob heal 45sec cd
    -Pet eating 30sec cd (? not sure on that one)
    -burrow heal (r15 we know enough creeps buy...
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    Re: Infite penetrating shots -pew-pew-pew-pew!

    They are quick when it comes to nerfing a set that is deemed to powerfull yet when it comes to fixing set bonusses like ettens one they seems to be really slow or either not care at all ^^
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    Re: To all hunters with the pvp set

    Submitted a bug report as you suggested and i suggest anyone else to do the same so the problem can be addressed, they either need to make it work as it states or change the description on how it...
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    Re: My U6 list for PvMP

    Doubt anyone said it yet but make knockdowns pottable and add them in the DR list, atm knockdowns hurt the classes that already suffer the most when it comes to survival.
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    To all hunters with the pvp set

    I seem not to be the only one that thinks this is bugged, but the set says '' On hit removes and grants etc '' , the important part here is the '' On hit '', so if it should work like low cut bleed...
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    Re: One question about Ettens

    So Thorgrum if you as warg use sprint to jump up a rock where your oppenent without sprint can't go are you exploiting as warg aswell then?

    Just like all area's there's places you can go up to by...
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    Re: ROI hunters in the moors

    You might not be able to win all the mini's 1v1 if they don't have their stuff on cd as you say but i'm sure you can get away from them, and that's the difference with a hunter we can't get away from...
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    Anyone has a list yet with

    Actual numbers on how many marks each skirm gives, how many medallions's each instance and so on,

    for instance the skirms seem to give between 100~300 marks depending on which you do (including...
  17. Re: Moors questions for dev or anyone else that may know the answers

    BA's can one shot freeps with VT!

    I do know quite a bit about this game, discuss!
  18. Re: Moors questions for dev or anyone else that may know the answers

    The reason your stun pots might not work is because knockdowns caused by wargs criticall pounce ( or iirc ba headshot critical knockdown trait ) can't be potted and if that happens you're probably...
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    Re: Where has everyone gone?

    I used to play lotro like you guys but then i took an arrow to the knee!
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    Re: Gotta love creeps

    Don't bother pointing out terrible balance, lotro always had it in pvmp,

    It's best that people that derive ego from skill in lotro stick to lotro pvp as when they go and play a balanced game where...
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    Re: Scheduled Fighting

    Zerging solo-ers happened 24/7 before Ferreus aswell, same with 1v1 trolling, ettens has never been balanced and the current updates only made things worse and promoted zerging even more, so if it's...
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    Re: RoI Hunter Issues

    Plenty of other stuff is mediocore aswell, like shot through the heart for instance is barely scaled up with RoI 20 points dps increase or so on the removal ? 590 to 610 or so ? Heartseeker in...
  23. Re: Anyone else seems to be missing questzone acces?

    Cheers, i'll check it once the servers come back.
  24. Anyone else seems to be missing questzone acces?

    So i bought the roi questpack from the store for 3250, started doing some quests, took the book quest leading into bonevale, after some more questing i had a quest that told me to ride to trum dreng,...
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    Re: Freeps and Creeps of Snowbourn

    It's been a while since the forum was so lively filled with ego's colliding, i am mildly amused, keep it up ^^
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