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  1. Returning player looking for legendary item and essense help

    Hello all.

    So I am a returning player. I played from beta through about Rohan when I stopped playing regularly. I used to be heavily involved in raiding and had top gear and all that wacky jazz....
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    Anyone else made this dumb mistake? So I...

    Anyone else made this dumb mistake?

    So I bought the gift of the valar for a level 30 toon I had been leveling but stopped because I'm not very fond of leveling 30-50.

    However my inventory had...
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    Re: What would you put in the LOTRO Lottery?

    I think superior 4th marks or maybe some old hard to get items (jewelled bell anyone?) would be a couple of good ideas. Otherwise cosmetics, morale/power pots, tokens or other popular consumables are...
  4. Re: LOTROCLIENT not found/Visual C++ Install Errors

    Just to add to the discussion. I had to reinstall windows 7(64 bit ultimate edition) for another reason unrelated to this one. I went to the lotro.com link and downloaded the standard edition of the...
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    Re: Gender/Race change scrolls?

    I can understand where a race change might be considered a bit too much, but I think depending on how Turbine did it, it wouldn't be something horrific. Class changes, however, should never be done,...
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    Re: Gender/Race change scrolls?

    I would very much be in favor of this. I have yet to actually purchase Turbine points other than my allotted 500 a month but I definitely would consider it for a race change or even just a gender...
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