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  1. While I appreciate the upgrade to newer, faster,...

    While I appreciate the upgrade to newer, faster, and more reliable forums, there are a couple things I'm going to miss.

    Characters and Banners

    I like both of these because they give me a means...
  2. A few new things I've noticed: When the...

    A few new things I've noticed:

    When the connection to the game servers lock up, so do the forums. I was trying to initiate this reply and the webpage wouldn't load. And the game was stuck trying...
  3. Extreme network connectivity issues with forums and game servers

    As of 11:16PM EDT on 7/7/13 connectivity to the Withywindle server and the LOTRO forums are extremely unstable. The game servers stopped responding about an hour ago, and now cannot be connected to....
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    Also in the dictionary you'll find "nitpick"...

    Also in the dictionary you'll find "nitpick" which is what you're doing in the above posting.

    You make it sound as though I've abandoned the game just because I don't want to sit there for 15...
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    Crafting is simply TOO slow!

    So here's the situation. I start crafting 143 ingots of Khazad iron, and I realize this is going to take a while. But I had no idea how long it would actually take.

    To give you an idea how long...
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    Queue to Withywindle failure

    I'm unable to queue to Withywindle and also getting intermittent failures to verify my account status. I was able to play roughly 8 hours ago without issue.

    2013.06.04 11:10:48[W]...
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