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  1. Re: Crickhollow 1st, Lusitanius, OTR and MeM complete OD Poison Wing T2 Challenge!


    Can't wait to see the video.
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    Re: character undelete - forgotten name

    Unfortunately, Turbine will not restore deleted characters.
    You'll have to start your character anew.
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    Re: Just Missed Independence Day Party

    Fishing, Fireworks, and Trivia! Woohoo!

    I'll be sure to pass along the information to my kinmates and allies, in hopes that several of them can attend.
  4. Re: Who is the leader of the Knights who say ni?

    If you'll notice the next time you see one of them around, the name of the kin is actually The Kights who say Ni- a little typo seemed to have gone a long way. ;)

    Hope that helps.
  5. Re: Hi, Im Camomile Hobbit Hunter, How Do I Post News?

    Made me giggle! :)
    Now I'll be sure to stay out of the hunting grounds.
  6. Re: [EVENT] Midsummer's Day Festival (and A Midsummer's Night Dream) on June 25th

    I'm very excited about this event! Love the Summer Festival, and I truly think this a wonderful way to incorporate it with some RP and general socializing.

    Thanks for setting this up, Rosalie!
  7. Re: Memorial Day Cookout at the Second Breakfast Kin House

    Rosalie, you did an outstanding job! The cookout was so much fun!
    Thank you to all who joined us, it was quite the turnout.

    And I think the fireworks might still be going off!! :)
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    Re: Weatherstock 2011 Official Band Signup

    *rushes in before the deadline*

    Second Breakfast from Crickhollow would like to bring our band Breakfast Club over to participate in this event.

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    Re: Anniversary Item Giveaway and 10pm Map Deeding Party

    Okay, I admit that I was rather late to the fortune party, so I was rather tickled to see this. However, as I've communicated with Rosalie, some of these fortunes are currently missing. Hopefully,...
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    Re: Looking to get involved

    Hallo and welcome!
    There is, indeed, so much to enjoy in this game. From questing to crafting, music and socializing.
    There are many great kins on this server, and I should think it won't take you...
  11. Re: Guardian Solo Sword Hall(EM) in Crickhollow

    Awesome! Grats on that.
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    Re: Mr. Blackadder's Neighborhood

    *writes down all the pointers and gets ready to head to the taco stand*

    Very nicely done, Mr. Blackadder. Thank you.
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    Re: Raise the Hammer.

    Love it! Congrats to the victorious!
  14. Re: Saturday 26th March - Crosser of Roads run!

    It is with heavy heart and saddness of spirit that I must report of the dire end of our poor brave chickens.
    We were doing so well, with nearly 3/4 of the Deed completed when the land and bandits of...
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    Re: One Thread to rule them all

    hallo hallo!
    Nice to see you and glad that you could pop in. Dazzl always has a home here in Crickhollow, so if you ever get a chance we'd love to visit with you.
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    Re: Who Disbanded PoME And Why?

    Good to hear. Good luck!
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    Re: Who Disbanded PoME And Why?

    Wow, very surprised by this news. Does not seem like something Huntins would do at all...very strange. Our kin has run with several members of PoME and have always enjoyed the cooperation.
    I hope...
  18. Re: It's the little things (for new freeps...and maybe new creeps...)

    Yeah, we like a fighting chance.
    We tried to mix it up and take it to other places.... makes it more interesting and keeps everyone on their toes...or claws. ;)

    I think we did a pretty good job...
  19. Re: It's the little things (for new freeps...and maybe new creeps...)

    Glad to finally be able to get some kinsmen out and join the fun!
    Those puppies were pretty persistent, but it's all part of the game. :D

    I'm sure you'll get more opportunities to enjoy the...
  20. Re: Updated: January 30, 2011 Service Interruption

    Aha...my guess of someone kicked a power cord was not far off! :)

    Thanks for all the info during the outage and working so diligently to get us back in the game. Well done!
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    Re: What has happened to Elevenses?

    Alas, the numbers swell and recede depending on the adventuring mind of most.
    I, myself, have been remiss in my attendance -(due to some unfortunate RL circumstances) - but am ready to spend...
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    Re: Deluxe house?

    Standard house - (all areas) - 2 rooms, with the ability to unlock one housing (storage) chest.
    Cost - around 1G

    Deluxe house - 3 rooms, ability to unlock two housing chests.
    Cost - around 7-8G...
  23. Re: Turtle Raid (Filikul) Level 59+ starts at 9pm Central

    Bit confused about the date - is it tonight, the 13th?
    It's rather hard to participate in a raid scheduled for 10 days ago. ;)

    Also, is there any other requirements for participants - radiance...
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    Re: How is the community here?

    Be curious no more my good sir!
    Come see us at Elevenses or drop by our website.
    We have pie!
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    Re: Forum Reputation

    + rep for you both!
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