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    Another good read of the LotRO Beacon. I really...

    Another good read of the LotRO Beacon. I really enjoyed this year's festivals and selection of items. Let's hope the Winter Festival is as good as always and hopefully something new in addition for...
  2. I'm having the same issue...click Brandywine,...

    I'm having the same issue...click Brandywine, screen goes black, and spinning blue cursor. Game just not launching at all on my desktop PC. Windows 10 64-bit w/ NVidia 780GTX video card. 8 GB...
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    I'm having the same problem since yesterday...

    I'm having the same problem since yesterday afternoon. Been getting a slow memory leak the past week or so. I usually just log out when framerate starts to drop and then restart PC and go back in to...
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    I don't mind the implementation of apparel...

    I don't mind the implementation of apparel dummies, but they should be inside the stores in Bree and Hobbiton, as displays, not outside. Be more lore-appropriate! Also it would be nice if they're...
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    Re: Crashing on startup (U5)

    Having the same issue...lotroclient has stopped working error pops up and crashes to desktop.

    Windows 7 w/ latest updates on drivers etc...

    C'mon Turbine answer this thread please.
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    Re: Morning Coffee (with COOKIES) and Chat

    Good Monday morning BW! I've been catching up on some Sims 3 Late Night and downloaded some new mods and housing; including a few new apartment buildings. Other than that, just killing time chatting...
  7. Re: Full Mirkwood Realm - future expansion thanks to the Hobbit?

    I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of Mirkwood and then in to the lands to the north and east; including the Grey Mountains, the Lonely Mountain and Dale and Lake-town; the Iron Hills and...
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