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  1. Re: [EVENT] The Alebrook Neighborhood Warming Party

    Well the event has just wrapped up. We had a good number of folks join in the race, and many of them came back to Alebrook after to enjoy an evening of fun and games. We met a good number of new...
  2. Re: [EVENT] The Alebrook Neighborhood Warming Party

    Well, the time is close now and the decor has been hung, the prizes wrapped, and we've got the casks in route. We'll announce the start of the event Sunday a few times regionally before it actually...
  3. Re: [EVENT] The Alebrook Neighborhood Warming Party

    Well, after some deliberation, and other fancy words, we've decided to host the warming on the 14th.

    The event will start at 2:00 pm, server time, with a three-legged race (to be explained at...
  4. Re: [EVENT] The Alebrook Neighborhood Warming Party

    Well...don't I feel stupid. I even knew this going on. Checking with some others about rescheduling (possibly a day earlier?)
  5. [EVENT] The Alebrook Neighborhood Warming Party


    Several of us Umble-folk (The Buckland Bramblewicks) have recently set up residence in the hills of the Alebrook neighborhood. ...
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    Re: Hobbit Character Study

    To be honest, the quotes do have an 'inbred' quality to them. Hillbilly culture, just like hobbit culture, is so much more than a bunch of half-witted yocels a'feudin and fussin...it always makes me...
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    Re: [EVENT] Green Dragon Friday

    Cousin Fumbles and I enjoyed our first Friday at the Green Dragon today! What a wonderful way to spend a few hours. The ale was strong, the pie delicious, and the company was absolutely wonderful!...
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    Re: Lore (my lack of knowledge)


    Especially the section on essays. There are some very interesting essays that deal with elf love, sex, and marriage, libido in Tolkien's writings, evil amongst the elves, and many...
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    Re: The Lore War

    I agree with you, there are definitely lore purists and lore pushers, and not all purists are pushers. I myself have studied the writings and consider myself a purist. I agree completely with your...
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    Re: The Lore War

    Well, I think this has been side-tracked a bit from the point the OP wanted to make, which, once more, was simple. Please don't impose you're lore-strictness on those that don't want it. If you...
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    Re: The Lore War

    I understand what you're talking about, but perhaps it could have been worded more diplomatically.

    His point is, really, that if you want to use the lore as a strict and unbending guide for your...
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