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    Re: Loathe to post...but

    Passive-aggressive troll uses vaguely disguised insult toward random poster to make themselves feel better. Really? Let me guess, someone "stole your" node as well.

    I am glad I was able to act as...
  2. Re: Is it time yet to allow some sort of auto level?


    Well now you can pay to skip the introduction and jump out at level 5 automatically through a store purchase. So how far away is Turbine from adding this silly request in there too?
  3. Re: Have All the Devs have been locked up in Isengard?


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    Re: Loathe to post...but

    Really? We needed another one of these threads?

    The node doesn't belong to you. It doesn't have your name on it. It didn't have the other person's name on it either. It's an open world area. The...
  5. Re: Miss Chance Increased for Melee Combat Classes.

    It does govern mob BPE and resists. So increase to mob Evade = increased miss chance for your attacks.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Finesse (aka Radiance 2.0).
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    Re: Too late Turbine

    The first mistake was consolidating player's accounts and forum accounts into one. The second mistake was pulling a Sony and saying nothing to the community. They should have sent an email to all...
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    Re: Turbine turning into SOE?

    First, please stop saying the classes were overhauled. The classes were not overhauled.

    Overhaul means to take something apart and make extensive repairs to it. Turbine overhauled the Minstrel...
  8. Re: Even before the servers are up there's a long list of known bugs

    A dozen+ CTD within a couple of hours is not as you say a "playable" state.

    Myself and many other players cannot play this game at the moment because of the bad area-phasing coding in this latest...
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    Re: Crashing.... A LOT

    Cheers. No plugins, up-to-date drivers, lots of ram, and no crashes in any other game I play.

    Pre-RoI: No crashes.
    Post-RoI: Dozen+ CTD in one day when loading new areas. (swift travel,...
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    Re: St...st...st..stunland(I mean Dunland)

    I have to agree. At least with MoM, there was an induction you could interrupt. Now you can't even do that anymore because it's instant.

    It shows a lack of creativity that they have to resort to...
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    Re: Expansions, A Comparison

    Sorry to say but this is misleading.

    1. Only the minstrel class was redesigned and whether the change was good or not is still being looked at. Many people are upset that they have to learn the...
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    Re: Ranger-Assassin. Really, Turbine?

    I have said this for years. Remove both the ranger and troll altogether. All they do is steal reknown & infamy from the rest of us players. And even if you kill them you get a total of zero (0)...
  13. Re: Rise of Isengard Update/Patching Discussion - OFFICIAL

    Rebooting your system will not fix this type of issue.

    Just too many connections atm for the DL server to handle all at once. Let it keep retrying the connect until it goes through eventually.
  14. Re: Rise of Isengard Update/Patching Discussion - OFFICIAL

    Well yes, since now all the codemaster EU server players have joined us as well. Apparently though, Turbine forgot about this and left the patch DL on the same single server as before.
  15. Re: Become immune to Silences or Disarms for 5 minutes (Freep only)

    It's being added in the store on RoI launch.

    Before f2p, you could skip tutorial and run out at lvl 2. Now you can skip + run out at lvl 5 with TP.

    Maybe soon you may be able to skip + run out...
  16. Re: RoI Store Updates - What's Coming In The Store


    The store is WAI. However, it may be prudent to bring along a towel.
  17. Re: Become immune to Silences or Disarms for 5 minutes (Freep only)

    It's not just pvmp. There's T8 potions in the store when RoI only allows crafting up to T7. If you were able to craft these T8 potions in-game, then I would say it's convenience. (i.e. You're not...
  18. Re: Become immune to Silences or Disarms for 5 minutes (Freep only)

    Autolevel to 5 on start & skip intro.
    Shards from store.
    5000 Rep from store.
    Tier 8 morale/power potions.
    Buy trait, skill, corruptions not bound by any rank.
    Immunity to effects.
    Immunity to...
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    Re: How is finesse diffrent from Radiance?

    The point is that the developers are spending more time implementing ways for players to continue to grind rather than towards ways for players to have fun.

    One of the above makes the game...
  20. Re: Will First Age 65 Weapons have the same or less dps than Third Age 75's?

    Going on past experience with the LI system; a two level difference from a 2nd age to a 3rd age will see an increase to DPS. A four level difference from a 1st age to a 3rd age will see an increase...
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    Re: How is finesse diffrent from Radiance?

    I still don't understand why people accept everything Turbine tells them without even raising questions. If you care about lotro, you would at least question the implications of changes to the basic...
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    Re: How is finesse diffrent from Radiance?

    Interesting but faulty logic. Finesse does not behave exactly like the Vitality stat. You tried to compare insufficient Morale to insufficient Finesse. They are apples and oranges.

    Turbine may try...
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    Re: How is finesse diffrent from Radiance?

    Q: How is Finesse different from Radiance?
    A: It's not. They are both gates to content.

    Q: Is it required?
    A: No it is not.* It only affects your attacks. If you don't mind your miss chance for...
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    Re: Relic Removal Scroll

    The scroll does not drop from mobs.

    Aside from the store, the only way to get this scroll is either from a lottery or a GM spawning it.

    Search dev posts for recent dev diaries regarding the...
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    Re: AW: RoI relic reimbursement petition

    Because they make more money this way. The thread is a nice try but I doubt it will work since Turbine already offer a "convenient" way to remove your LI relics via the store.
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