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  1. Re: Elf Nationalities: Why each would be there (especially Lindon)

    The histories of Middle-earth are vast and deep. Tolkien was able to weave a grand story-line with a rich, full history of many of the peoples of Middle-earth. To really get the answer to your...
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    Re: Manners of players on this server

    With games like these, you're going to run into players of all kinds - the good, bad and ugly. Unfortunately, you've obviously ran into a few of the ruder characters running around. Don't get...
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    Re: I DESPISE Lothlorion!!!

    I know the quest you're talking about...that ring in the city is a bug...he's obviously not there. Don't feel bad, I did the same thing. Fortunately, that is one of the few bugged locations I've...
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    Re: Rare Signature Mob Slayer Deed

    Great idea! I just killed one of those the other day thinking it was a shard dropper...what a disappointment - just vendor trash.
  5. Re: Sunset Journey from Bree to the Shire - a newbie's (illustrated) impression

    Great pics! If you had fun with the Shire, you'll absolutely love Evendim when you make it up there.

    btw...that 2nd to last pic is of Tuckborough...you'll get very familiar with it once you start...
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    Re: Why didn't Aragorn die...?

    As with all movies created from books, there are certain liberties taken with the original manuscripts. Thus, the original quote reads...

    That last part betrays the fact that the ring already...
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    Re: Did my money just disappear?

    I would suggest calling account services. You can find the phone number here -> http://www.lotro.com/support/351-account-support. They are very good at helping out with such issues. Just be...
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