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    Re: Sick of being stunned, help!

    I don't have much experience with an RK, except at low level, but I think the best advice was to use tactics (and terrain) to prevent enemies from ever actually getting to you - or if they do, they...
  2. Re: Is it time for new housing settlements and time to re-thing housing in general?

    Your suggestions are similar to one's I made a while back. If you are interested, check this out:

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    Re: Does anyone else do this?

    For me, limiting to one quest at a time is a little extreme because often the quests for a specific location/story come in groups of two or three. For example, go to orc camp, kill 12 orcs, loot...
  4. Re: Neighbourhood and Kinhouse Development

    Good point. I'm glad that you folks replied because I'd lost hope for the idea when the discussion turned to technical challenges. I'd really love to see some innovations on this in an upcoming...
  5. Re: Neighbourhood and Kinhouse Development

    Thanks. Good ideas. I'll only comment on two.

    First, you are absolutely right that there is no reason to restrict access to the neighbourhood - as long as there is a way to expand it for kin...
  6. Re: Neighbourhood and Kinhouse Development

    Has my naivety ended discussion on this? Lets support the idea of change like Spinach and lordmaster and at least let the developers know that this is a potential gem for social play, unlike anything...
  7. Re: Neighbourhood and Kinhouse Development

    As I said, I have very limited knowledge of the software issues and am only reasoning from a naive, common-sensical stance. I'm not sure I understand the issue either. I was not suggesting that...
  8. Neighbourhood and Kinhouse Development

    I love the concept of the homes, neighbourhoods, and kinhouses but I believe they are underutilized for what should fundamentally be the locus of social gathering amongst kinmembers. This is because...
  9. Re: Order of the Silver Flame is now recruiting

    Hi all,

    I'm in a small kin of real life friends, but it is too small. Occassionally I do group stuff with them on Wednesday evening, but I am looking for more. I even started a thread on here...
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    Re: Stars of Elbereth are Recruiting

    I think we have 5 tonight, maybe even a full fellow - but could also only have 3. So we can play it by ear.

    Feel free to visit our website at starsofelbereth.guildlaunch.com. If you want to apply...
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    Re: Stars of Elbereth are Recruiting

    Sounds fantastic Kylgalad. Interestingly, you were already on my friends list ... I've had the pleasure of your company in a few fellows way back when :)

    We do groups Wednesday evenings, around...
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    Re: Stars of Elbereth are Recruiting

    I thought I would update the recruitment notice, to also indicate that although we are very small we have some very good and decently geared members.

    For all of you other small kinships who find...
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    Re: Kinship?


    We are a small kinship of RL friends, mostly between 30-45 years old. Mature group of people who like to group run at least once a week and play this game because we like to have fun. Because...
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    Stars of Elbereth are Recruiting

    The Stars of Elbereth is a very small kinship of mature players who balance a casual social atmosphere with a desire to conquer all that LOTRO has to offer. We offer each other support in knowledge...
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