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    How to link turbine account with steam?

    Nevermind I figured it out >.<
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    Greetings! :D

    Greetings! :D
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    If you have the recommended specs+, there should...

    If you have the recommended specs+, there should be no stutter.

    You want me to give you money? Then fix the game. Until then, no soup for you.
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    Just got back into the game. Played back when...

    Just got back into the game. Played back when there was no store. With these prices, they won't see a dime from me.
  5. "More important"? These are two different...

    "More important"?

    These are two different ideas, neither is more important than the other.

    You should start your own thread to discuss your suggestion.
  6. Combat Mode. Ability to toggle cursor on and off.

    The ability to toggle the cursor off and on with a hot key or when a window has been opened. Basically when the cursor is hidden you can move the camera around without holding down the right mouse...
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    Returning Founder. The nostalgia is real!

    The nostalgia has hit me in the feels like a train.

    Riding along on my Bree mount, I swear I got butterflies at one point.

    Can anyone tell me what level I get the Novice passive? Looking...
  8. Right :) If memory servers, I enjoyed the...

    Right :)

    If memory servers, I enjoyed the Hunter and the Burglar.
  9. Returning Founder. What's a good solo class to level these days?

    I've not played in so long I've forgotten exactly how long :p
  10. Re: Is there an easier way to get groups going for fellowships or is it just me?

    The game doesn't have a (good) tool for finding groups.
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