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    Possible retired quest?

    I logged into my level 107 Runekeeper yesterday and decided to catch up on many quests and deeds within Moria. Since it was revamped many years ago, new quests and deeds were added and some old ones...
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    Update 18.1 Slayer Deed revision downside

    While I appreciate that so many of the slayer deeds requirements were lowered, it seems that many of my alts automagically completed the basic slayer deed, only to find they were at 0 of x in the...
  3. Thread: Lag

    by KnightWatch

    Continued lag

    For the past week, I had noticed lag outside Winter-Home. I assumed that it was related to a transition between a dynamic and non-dynamic layer. As soon as I rode into Cluckland, through Grumpwood,...
  4. I found a support article on checking the...

    I found a support article on checking the firewall. Although I haven't changed anything recently, apparently adding port rules in my firewall seems to have resolved the problem. I won't look a gift...
  5. Crick Logon server issues are back

    I saw this once or twice over the weekend and I know some kinnies had the same issue. It had cleared up for me last night. However, it seems to be back tonight. So frustrating. I wish Turbine would...
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    No Proxy solution

    This worked for me. Thanks!
  7. Redux

    I just did it again yesterday with another character. It seems there is a 3 to 5 minute lag and then she finally takes off. Definitely a case of being patient, going to get a snack or a drink, take a...
  8. Wildermore Instance: A Time For Vengeance; Post HD Bug

    Another quest in Wildermore broken since the release of Helm's Deep? You be the judge.

    I am finishing up the quest line in Wildermore for the 7th alt, the first since the release of Helm's Deep....
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    Thank you for these tips. It took me several...

    Thank you for these tips. It took me several tries before I could get the right rhythm down to succeed. But your tips were more help than I could get from Turbine.
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    Volume 2, Epilogue Greyhammers

    So let me get this straight....

    Lúth Greyhammer wants us to travel throughout Middle Earth, finding and defeating a single Orc, goblin, or uruk in all the regions in which a Greyhammer has been...
  11. Death of another quest - Baggins' Birthday Musical Crackers

    Last weekend we celebrated the birthdays of those two beloved hobbits, Frodo and Bilbo. To spice things up, Turbine created a new set of birthday quests. After travelling from Rivendell to Hobbiton,...
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    Figured it out. Searched the support FAQ pages...

    Figured it out. Searched the support FAQ pages and found a nugget of wisdom buried in there. Turbine ganked the order of the worlds and the last one I logged into was not the default. I had boldly...
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    Just lost all my characters?!

    I logged out yesterday afternoon. Came back this evening to play. Logged in and noticed a small update with some 700 forward iterations applied. When log in was finally complete, it took me to the...
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    Really cool to see my history. I never knew that...

    Really cool to see my history. I never knew that existed. Sadly, it seems that Turbine Point accrual for the deed accomplishments belongs to "No Selected Character". Even though a specific character...
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    Mysterious Bounder Deed's completion

    I'm not crazy. I swear I'm not. But you'll think I am after you read this.

    When Bounder's Tokens first started, I had all 9 of my characters accept the initial quest and turned in the 5 tokens in...
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    Re: Quest: Taking a Stand

    This was hard enough on my hunter with a minstrel helping me. I really could not guess how I would solo this on my own minstrel. A couple strategies came to mind. Warspeech and do as much damage as...
  17. Re: Missing item XP from mob kills in Enedwaith

    Maybe not truly intermittent as it could be certain mob types. And yes, I have some weapons which are not maxed out.

    I and my friend killed a Black Goat. I received 164 item xp. We killed 3...
  18. Missing item XP from mob kills in Enedwaith

    I just returned to questing in Enedwaith after the summer festival. I noticed tonight that while some of my mob kills yielded item xp, many of them did not.

    Is this my imagination? Or a bug?
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