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    Re: Is it worth it to Come Back?

    You have not been away long enough to see any major impact or loss :)

    Your title says " is it worth it to come back"
    My answer to that, is always "yes" but that one is for me alone.
    What was...
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    Re: The stars are right...

    No kiddin!
    I am practically drowning here from rain :P
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    Re: The stars are right...

    Happy Columbus day!

    *scratches his head, and is confused* ...but surely it was Zombie Edison that invented these things right?
  4. Re: How Soon is Soon... A Festival Poem for Sapience

    Aye thats true!
  5. How Soon is Soon... A Festival Poem for Sapience

    How soon is Sapience's Soon?
    Do they always start on Tuesday Noon?
    A New Patch Launch, at Tuesday Lunch,
    During digestables, may we see Festivals by chance?
    Monday downtime, never a frowntime, ...
  6. Re: Can people please stop rolling on stuff I need?

    I agree with many of the other posters here.
    in my kinship groups, we simply run free for all, and if there is an item "needed" we ask and someone comes and gets it who ever needs it.

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    Re: St...st...st..stunland(I mean Dunland)

    I noticed it is not just Dunland, but the entire new patch dealing with all orcs and disarm.

    I have been getting disarmed regularly by every orc type, even the types that used to never disarm us...
  8. Re: Music "directional" problems seeming much worse these days.

    *sigh* eep...
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    Re: Hairstyles for TP!

    long hairstyles!!
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    Sticky: Re: Show us your favorite cosmetic outfit

    Very cool.
    I never did see much a use for the Elk horned backpack til this screenshot, well done!
  11. Re: Free songs from Ghingeriel, several abc files, and ... Happy Hobbit Day!

    Thank you Ghinger,
    I always love your music, *smiles!*
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    Re: Mounts - why no heavy horses?

    Us hobbits have been working on a Heavy Horse for a few years, here is our result, after much ale and pie......
  13. Re: Please bring back the horse dismount animation

    This has always bothered me a tiny bit.
    There are a lot of fps and a lot of other games so why is a "roleplaying game" where we must compromise for non roleplayers?
    Not that I am coming down...
  14. Re: Please bring back the horse dismount animation

    Only thing here, is "we" implies "We" had a vote in this.
    "We" did not.
    I saw no threads on this topic, I was not made aware of this in any means, therefore "we" does not apply to everyone ...
  15. Re: Please bring back the horse dismount animation

    I haven't read anything except what the OP said, so ..
    So, how about this:
    We have an option on our horse panels, saying "fast mount/dismount" and another one saying immersive steed.
  16. Re: Please bring back the horse dismount animation

    I agree
    I want the dismount back.
    If I had my preferences, There'd be a longer wait as you'd see your horse run in, and leave, but I know most people would not like that.
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    Re: Details, details....

    Why should anyone feel obliged to leave the game they obviously care about just because they don't like the little things being "ho hummed" and forgotten?
    That really is unfair to dismiss...
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    Re: Pets for all

    Combat Pets are not going to be available for every class. Those will only be available with captains and loremasters.

    The request here is cosmetic pets.
    Turbine did say they would add these in...
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    Re: ROI Preorder Horses

    ahh, yeah I never thought about that, I just bought the riding skill for 95tp!
    I only pre ordered for my f2p/premium account because it was a good value :)
    SO I never thought about the level 20...
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    Re: Pets for all

    If you have to buy em from the store, which is what I am betting will be the case, you wont see "everyone" with them. You will see a few here and there, and possibly see them at social...
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    Re: Pets for all

    Turbine said awhile back they were working on this and they'd have it for us after Isengard I believe ( if I remember right )
  22. Re: Transferring update to other computers?

    yeah but 10 minutes by who's standard? hehehe
    I have been patching for about 2 hours now.
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    Re: Game keeps crashing when I loot ore in both Enedwait and in Dunland???

    please make sure you type /bug and fill out a bug report on them.
    The bug reports get to the Devs like "now". and the Forums are hit or miss and may not be seen.
  24. Re: Purchased Expansion that I can't play?

    Well, for a patch that was not officially scheduled for tomorrow, I think Turbine is doing a great job getting it ahead of schedule, which if you think about it means, we have time to patch and...
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    Re: LOTRO is going downhill fast....

    Actually, a lot of these make much more sense.

    Consider that Frodo and Sam and everyone else only had with them what they carried on their backs.

    They did not pop in to Rivendell and check...
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