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  1. Despite all my annoyances at what LIs have...

    Despite all my annoyances at what LIs have become, if this were to be true, I would forgive everything else about LIs and happily settle down with the weapons that mean something to me. "Legendary"...
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    Re: Any Sindarin experts online?

    Speaking as a Welshman myself, who is at once both happy to see so much Welsh and pseudo-Welsh throughout Enedwaith and now Dunland and yet becoming more and more confused as to who the quest givers...
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    Re: Can you FINISH lotro?

    Let's not forget that after the Ring is destroyed we still have the Battle of Bywater. One could assume that there is an awful lot of similar clean up hero work to do in ME.

    When the game finally...
  4. Re: Isengard not being an free update and being labelled as "expansion", sorry but im

    I'm a beta-founder-lifer-viper-whatever the term is. I have never really interacted with the forum community, and over the years this has niggled me a little, and thus every once in a while I browse...
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    Some Idle Suggestions

    For My LOTRO:

    Total # quests completed
    Total # deeds completed
    Total # Titles earned

    What would be really super nice is if I could review my toon and see something like "435 of 512 possible...
  6. Re: Brandywine, please help fight back the scourge of "dynamic layering"


    MMOs are intended to be massively multiplayer. Sectioning us off defeats the purpose and ruins the bump-intos, casual helping and general feeling for the game. I understand it may be...
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    Re: Lifetime/Founder only items

    As a founder lifer I'll add that I wouldn't want anything simply due to my subscription status, but certainly something unique for time in game would be warranted, and should be gettable by anyone...
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