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    I have registered now. The name of kinship is...

    I have registered now. The name of kinship is "Great gold Route" (as was great Silk Road). So far only 2 people registered with me, so anyone who wants to play a trader/professional crafter is...
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    Idea for a kinship - Merchant Guild

    A few days ago I returned to LOTRO. Now I have an idea - to start a kinship that will roleplay merchants. Of course no one will prevent players from questing/grinding etc, but the main idea of a kin...
  3. So friday, at the Green Dragon. Thanks! Hope to...

    So friday, at the Green Dragon. Thanks! Hope to find new friends there.
  4. A new character of returning player - Braso the future smith.

    Hello all good people of Laurelin. After a long time of playing other games, I decided to come back. Since my old character - Dreni Kindvoice the Minstrel became boring to me, I created a hobbit...
  5. Re: The Iron Axes - Dwarf-centric but quasi-mixed NA based casual Rp kin

    Hi, my in game name is Dreni, I am dwarf minstrel and I am thinking about joining you. When I can find you online?
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    Re: The Kinship of Durin's Folk (Dwarf only RP-kin)

    Hi, I want to join your kin. I am dwarf minstrel, my in game name is Dreni. I've been trying to catch you online for two days, can you say when I can expect to find you? GMT time, please.
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    Returning player

    Hello fellow players. I was thinking about returning to this game, but I am unsure about some things. So, I want to ask a few questions:

    1) Most important - how many people are on this server? I...
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