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    Re: Returning Captain

    I think I already have access to shield brother. Unless I have a lesser buff that functions the same way. I usually just SB the tank and use my one attack for minor heals to help out a bit. The...
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    Returning Captain

    So, After a game break and some time on other class I'm going to try and rock out the Captain again. I thought one of the "easy" classes would be a better choice for me. After trying the Hunter,...
  3. I think it's time I leave Bree (Back from a long vacation)

    So, here I am for the 12th or so time. I'm going to get out of the Prancing Pony and try and do something. Before I checked in for my long stay at the inn I dragged myself up from Archet and all...
  4. Back to (not quite get to) tackle Isengard

    Out of boredom I came to check out this site agian and see what's going on. I thought I'd see a nice Summer Festival article. I instead got to looking around and ended up buying a Legendary...
  5. I claim this Barrow in the name of the Free-Peoples, Isn't that lovely?

    Just had to throw something up here before all the AWESOMENESS fades away... Finished my first instance run with my Captain with much success. My only "fail" was that my teammates would retreat...
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    Re: What is it like to play a Captain

    This is by far the most satisfying part about being a captain... you drop your banner and scream as loud as you can! I want everyone to know I'm up front where the action is! That Banner looks...
  7. Re: Reflection: My first isntance (Venture into the Great Barrow)

    I like the sound of that. I take it Challenge isn't a crutch for threat generation? I'll have to get used to bouncing around threat generating attacks then. The trait for Vexing Blow should make...
  8. Re: Reflection: My first isntance (Venture into the Great Barrow)

    Thanks, maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow. I've heard it can be luck of the draw sometimes. It's hard to pipe up and take command when you're the second lowest level in the group. Would that...
  9. Reflection: My first isntance (Venture into the Great Barrow)

    I got invited to a group today out of the blue. I was kind of skeptical, but I went with it anyway. When all was said and done it was me, a Burglar, two Ministrels and a Captain (and someone else...
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    Developing my character

    It may be a lack of creativity, or me just no thinking enough, or too much. I wanted to sit down and do some thinking this weekend, take a break from the "game" a little bit now that I got my...
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    Re: Crickits is recruiting!!!

    Leaving a note here. I'll look for y'all in-game, Character name is Brett, of Bree-land
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    Re: Thursday 9/16/10

    Wow, I must be slow. Just hit 12 and have been playing since shortly after launch. Still no direction for my one character, and the other I started was mean't to be no more than a muse. I pretty...
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    Looking for friends

    Just Landed on Crickhollow after a long absence. Life just get's in the way sometimes. I though one of the "New" servers would be a good place because everyone starts fresh, so I won't have to play...
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    Re: New Role Player

    It's so nice to hear that y'all are friendly. I expected tighhtly regulated IC behavior. I've been trying to cook up back stories (vague ideas) and I just wanted to get some input as to how to go...
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    New Role Player

    So I was planning on trying out some new characters after launch due to the abundance of lower level players we are going to have and decided to stop crunching numbers and try the game from a...
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