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  1. Sure did. The forums post was my second effort...

    Sure did. The forums post was my second effort to bring attention to the issue.
  2. BUG REPORT: Guardian "Thrill of Battle" not working

    I noticed recently that I was not getting heals back nearly as much on my guardian. After doing some research (pouring through combat logs, field testing, etc.) I discovered that I no longer am...
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    Chatted with some folks on my server and we were...

    Chatted with some folks on my server and we were able to figure it out. REACTIVE PARRY is a red-line set bonus (third one down I think). It causes a small amount of damage to enemies when you...
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    Q: Legacies with crit rating

    Looking for a sanity check to my logic... If I already plan on having my crit rating high enough to cap out crits/devastates, would also having legacies which increase crit rating only benefit me...
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    Q: Reactive Parry Damage

    Can't get my hands on a LI with this new legacy atm and am wondering if anyone else has been using it and what their thoughts are.

    Does it increase the damage on ALL parry response skills? It...
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    Thanks for posting this info guys. Been...

    Thanks for posting this info guys. Been desperately looking for guardian new-LI metrics.
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    My suggestion: In the updated AoE targets legacy,...

    My suggestion: In the updated AoE targets legacy, "Area Effect Skill Damage", have it give +1 targets automatically - similar to how they left the 10 second reduction on the new stamp legacy. For...
  8. Re: Heart of Fire Critical Defense Bonus Working??

    Just wanted to say thanks to Graalx2 and everyone else for their time and posts. Greatly appreciated. :cool:
  9. Heart of Fire Critical Defense Bonus Working??

    Apologies if this has already been addressed, but I went back a few pages and didn't see any notes on it... A couple other guards and I were chatting about the yellow capstone, Heart of Fire, with...
  10. Re: Rise of Isengard Update/Patching Discussion - OFFICIAL

    Just started update programs. Took about 2.5 hours or 150 'retries' to connect. For future patches like this, some sort of cue to give any indication, however minor, would be fantastic.

  11. Re: For some reason I am bored playing the loremaster but long ago when I tried the g

    Love how this started turning into a Warden thread..... not really ;)

    I'm a long time LM player and I wouldn't say I ever "lose interest" in playing her, rather I have periods when I get excited...
  12. Re: PAX News: Say GOODBYE to Cosmetic Pet Necklaces!

    - Really hope we can get a skill version of the SoA book quest reward for Laerdan's Necklace, the big white bear.

    - What unused range slot? Oh, you mean the spot reserved for the Moor Cowbell?
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