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  1. Re: 75% off Lone-lands, North Downs & Evendim Quest Packs Starts At Midnight! 24-Hr S

    Turbine's Store method is stupid. It should be able to recognize the different between a VIP sub and a purchased content pack but because they are not good at programming it can't so yea its their...
  2. Re: I would like my Credit Card information removed, please.

    The only thing i've found on this in the knowledge base is for DDO and it says you have to call their ****ty support line without enough people running it during ****ty business hours to have it...
  3. Re: Server Issues: September 12 Discussion Thread (Official Turbine Thread)

    The Servers still being like this for more then 48 hours is unacceptable. We pay to play on the servers stop letting people who aren't paying ruin the servers for those who do pay.
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    Cancel Subscription Broken

    I'm trying to cancel it and it says its failing i dont want to be charged again why can't i cancel.

    There is also no place to remove your credit card from your only system which means your storing...
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    Re: Bree rep dungion

    Well if they ruined this place did they put in a new master scholar mat area because this is the only one i could ever find. This is unacceptable if they did not.
  6. Re: sorry the lag is back after server maintenance sunday 9/12/10

    You guys really need to kick the F2P players off the servers if you can't fix this lag.
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    Re: Updated Helegrod Set

    This set has agility on it. Do these set designers have brain faults or something? Do they know how to think?
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