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  1. All the gear was their first day of RoR for level...

    All the gear was their first day of RoR for level 85, so figured it be here this time around too.. I would not care if there wasn't a cap on comms but their is.
  2. Helms Deep Crafting Guild Items reguire mastery of tier

    Most all guild recipes for the Westemnet Teir require Mastery. Is this a bug or the way it was planned. I used to make guild items in previous tiers just by opening up the tier. Now it seems we need...
  3. NO PVP level 95 Amour, Jewelry, Weapons Available in Ettenmoors

    Just logged in and Moors has NO level 95 gear or LIs.. So what do we spend comms on. within 5 days or less some people will be level 95 and want to got to moors.. They wont have level appropriate...
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    Acinonyx Rank

    Acinonyx (LM) hit R12 on 11/6/2013.
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